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Tenured professors make bonfire out of student evaluations

Nick Cannon

April 2, 2018

As his hand trembled with anticipation, Dr. Smith lit the final match to commence the yearly bonfire. Every year, tenured professors at William Paterson University come together to create a bonfire out of their student evaluations....

Hunziker Wing: WPU’s Own Theme Park

Dancing Old Guy, Six Flags

April 4, 2017

According to a source who has been heavily involved in the building's renovations, William Paterson's Hunziker Wing will be transformed into an indoor roller coaster. With the recent complaints about parking and higher tuition...

Trump Hands Out New Healthcare Packages (THE BACON)

Jamie Gentile, Features Editor

April 4, 2017

After being consistently bashed on for his proposals concerning new health care plans, President Donald Trump announced this past week, on the day of Thor, that he would be introducing an idea especially personalized by himself. Trump...

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