“Get the Hike Outta Here!” Through Central Park


Courtesy of: Karen Hilberg

John Conlow, Contributing Writer

William Paterson students went on a hike through Central Park and got to see the tree at Rockefeller Center on a rainy Sunday.

Karen Hilberg, associate director of the sports and recreation center, and the students took the local ferry and the bus to New York. They got dropped off right in the middle of Columbus Circle. This is one of many of the hikes held by Hilberg and she them “Get the Hike Outta Here!”. She hosts many throughout the school year, and students are pleased with them.

Vincent Giallombardo, sophomore, an exchange student at William Paterson from Wisconsin, said that he doesn’t regret getting up on a Sunday morning for a great hike.

“It was a good chance to see some of the New York scenery and meet some new people,” Giallombardo said.

The group hiked at least half of Central Park, passing statues like Balto and Alice in Wonderland. 

As the students hiked Hilberg told them to be on the lookout for wedding proposals and animals, like the black squirrel. It was like a little scavenger hunt for students to do as they enjoyed the hike. One of the unexpected events of the day occurred when the students were leaving the park. They saw sea lions at the zoo.

After the long hike the students got to walk down the famous 5th Avenue where they saw all the holiday decorations. Finally the tree at Rockefeller Center which some felt it was the best part.

The group also visited and ate at Bryant Park since it has many food vendors. 

Overall, all the students enjoyed the hike and would like to do it again. On the way back everyone was tired, meaning it was a good day.

If students would like to sign up for Karen Hilberg’s “Get the Hike Outta Here!,” they can at www.imleagues.com or visit the sports and recreation center’s website.

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