William Paterson Students Enjoy a Weekend Through the Trees


Courtesy of Karen Hillberg

John Conlow, Contributing Writer

Harnesses, climbing through trees, and zip lining, were all part of the fun William Paterson students had this past weekend.

On Sunday, The Sports and Recreation Center took students to the Tre-Escape Aerial Park at Great Gorge Golf Club in Vernon, N.J. Associate Director of the Sports and Recreation CenterKaren Hilberg enjoyed watching all of the students try something new and make new friends.

Tre-Escape is a fun adventure where participants are harnessed up to a wire, go through the trees and encounter many obstacles. The challenge is also a part of the fun in the event. It is a great way to get exercise and make more friends.

To get to the area and begin the fun, a van takes participants up to where employees harness participants before taking part in the activities.

There are four levels that guests can use. There is a purple level (which is for kids), along with a yellow, green, and blue level. Employees make guests use the yellow level first to get used to the course. Guests are required to practice clipping themselves in while they are waiting to go on a course.

Guests can enjoy the wooden structures and the exhilaration of having to think quickly before approaching the next obstacle.

Jean-Pierre de Beer, a sophomore at William Paterson, really enjoyed this experience because it was a fun challenge.

“A lot of climbing, pain, and sweat,” Jean-Pierre said. “It’s a measure of your physical skill.”

In the end, everyone noticed he had a huge mark from the course, but it didn’t matter because everyone was having fun.

Jean-Pierre chose the hardest level, which took him almost half an hour to complete. Even though it was difficult, he had fun.

“Be on the lookout for more events like this,” Jean-Pierre said about the Sports and Recreation Center, who has plans for future events.

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