Social distancing is a benefit for everyone

Evan Shiebler, Staff Writer

With the current state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, many may be wondering how to cope with being cooped up all day. While self-quarantine and social distancing are essential practices, cabin fever is very real. If you are anything like me, it is driving you a little crazy.

Being cooped up all day and all night in the same place can drive a person mad. What is there to do but try and find new ways to cope with it.

There are some apparent options like finding a new show to watch on a streaming service.

Netflix has released several new seasons of their original shows to help some people cope with being stuck inside. Disney Plus has released Frozen 2 ahead of schedule to give children a nice distraction from the world around them. Recently, I have been rewatching an old show that I never finished. 

But sitting on the couch and catching up on the latest episodes of our favorite television shows will only be fun for so long before the dreaded cabin fever sets in, and you need something new and exciting to do.

This is also a time to pick up a new hobby or reconnect with family as long as you get along with them. Read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for months collecting dust. Learn how to cook new recipes. Maybe pick up painting.

Self-quarantine and social distancing don’t have to be a miserable experiences. 

Psychologists recommend still getting up at the same time and getting dressed, even if you’re not going anywhere. It helps the mind keep its circadian rhythm for a healthy sleep schedule.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I get up early for no reason?” I had the same thought, but after being up so late, I saw the sunrise and figured it was time to make some slight changes.  

Try going outside and taking a walk around the neighborhood. Take the dog out! Just remember to stay at least six feet away from everyone. Getting fresh air helped boost my mood and gave me time to clear my head.

People all over have found creative outlets for themselves during these trying times.

For all those college students taking online classes now. Don’t give up and let your grades slip. The world will eventually return to normal, and you don’t want to be stuck behind everyone else after this is over.

Balancing school work with your  responsibilities is not easy. The key is to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Keep a planner or keep track of assignments through a virtual calendar. Write it on your hand or arm if you must, that’s what I do. Just help yourself visualize what needs to get done, so it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Also, get in touch with people. Now is not the time to isolate yourself from the world, well emotionally, at least. Get in touch with friends that you haven’t hit up in a while. Call your grandma! She loves you. I can admit I need to get on this one myself. But the key is to remember that we are all going through this together. They are just as bored as you are.

Another way to try and enjoy being stuck at home is to appreciate your pets. Play with the dog more than you would on a typical day. Take a nap with your cat. Make your fish a new decoration for their tank.

One day, I stared out the window with my cat on my left and my dog on my right. I learned a little about how they see the world. I know it sounds crazy, but hey trying times.

So don’t let being confined take away your fun! Explore who you are as a person. Try new things. And most importantly stay healthy! The last thing anyone needs is for you to go stir crazy. Keep clean, wash your hands, and all that good stuff.

Try and enjoy being home. Either way, you’re going to be there for a while.