Tips for spring break

Alexa Chavarria, Staff Writer

Spring break is near and students are preparing to venture out of the classroom. After seven intense weeks of classes, students are finally able to enjoy a week of no assignments, no test-taking, nice weather and relaxation.  

For students who plan on traveling, there are several tips you need to know before making plans.

First, picking the perfect place to visit requires some research. Finding the ideal vacation spot is definitely the best part of vacation planning.  

Traditionally, college students usually go to spring break destinations like Florida or Cancun, but if you’d like to be different, there are several breathtaking, affordable places to visit. Googling a country you’re interested in is a good way to start.  

You should also review things to do, excursion packages, hotels, transportation, currency and most importantly, learn about the history of tourist crime. It’s critical for your safety to read about the crime rate to understand the environment you’re visiting 

There are some great exotic places to visit in Central America. One upcoming tourist location is Nicaragua. Nicaragua is known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. If you love nature and are a risk-taker, this country would be perfect for you. Volcano surfing, hikes and canoeing are all fun things to do there. 

In the Caribbean, there are several options that include: the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Caicos Island, Puerto Rico and so much more. These beautiful islands are great for tanning on crystal clear beaches and a perfect getaway from the chaos of being a student. 

South America also has many countries to explore. Brazil is an alluring country with its Amazon River basin that extends to vast tropical forests and is the home to a large population of wildlife.  

Booking flights on the proper websites may allow you to save a decent amount of money. According to, the top eight flight booking websites for 2020 are Momondo, Booking, Skyscanner, Kayak, Google flights, CheapOair and Expedia. Many of these sites also offer package deals for flight and hotel for even more savings.  

In addition, a great website that allows payments on all-inclusive resorts is This website is extremely affordable and has countless options for resorts to pick from in different countries.  

However, with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, travelers must be extra cautious. Being in a plane is always risky because being crammed in small spaces makes passengers vulnerable to catching any sickness a passenger aboard may have 

To minimize your risk while flying, make sure to properly clean your plane seat by using a pack of antibacterial wipes with alcohol to wipe down everything in your personal area, which includes your tray table, armrests, seatbelt handle, air vents, and light buttons. 

Regardless of the location, spring break is near. It’s time to gather your friends and talk about what to do for the week off from classes.