Potential New MLB playoff format taking shape


Anthony Baamonde, Staff Writer

In efforts to make the game more enjoyable for younger audiences, Major League Baseball is proposing a change to its playoff system.

On Feb.10, the MLB announced they would shake up their postseason by 2022. The MLB made multiple changes before the 2020 season such as a three batter minimum for relief and closing pitchers. That alone came with some backlash.

However, the change to the postseason could come with even more negativity.

How it works: Instead of the usual 10-team postseason, the MLB wants to add four more to the mix. The team with the best record in each league will get a 1st round bye-week.

The next two division winners and the wild card winners with the best record can choose their next opponent.

It’s a crazy idea, and not a lot of people are fans of it, especially the players. Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Trevor Bauer went on Twitter to show his disdain for the idea by saying, “Your proposal is absurd for too many reasons to type on twitter and proves you have absolutely no clue about baseball. You’re a joke.” Bauer has been critical of Manfred since the Astros cheating scandal came to light in late 2019.

These changes are all coming in the middle of the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Players are already upset with Rob Manfred for how he handled that situation.

We may now see the World Series by the time November rolls around with the new format.

There is one good thing about this though. The players hate it. If they hate it, the MLB will do nothing. Plus, they have two years to figure out if it’ll even happen or not.

To many fans and players, they shouldn’t even think of touching the postseason, it’s perfect the way it is. If this is the MLB’s way of getting back at the Astros for cheating, it is a bad look for Rob Manfred.

These last few months in the MLB have been some of the worst ever. For both Manfred and players. For the first time, in a long time, players are upset and they’re not afraid to show it.

The sport is in shambles right now and the MLB needs to take control back. Shifting the attention away from the Astros to make up some proposals for the postseason isn’t going to help.

Baseball deserves better than that.