To All the Boys: P.S I Still Love You

Lanie Gatson, Social Media Coordinator

*Spoiler Alert*

The Netflix film, “To All the Boys: I’ve Loved Before” caught everyone by surprise in 2018. Now two years later, we continue to watch Lara Jean and her hectic love life.

The film, “To All the Boys: P.s. I Still Love You,” continues to show us how teenagers can fall in love with a simple love letter being sent out, well in Lara Jean Covey’s case five. 

The sequel opens up with Covey dancing in her room full of joy. Her love life was finally a fairytale, just like she imagined. She even expressed to her younger sister she looked different. “Today is different because it’s not a fantasy, this is my real life. Don’t I look different to you? Like someone who has a boyfriend would look,” said Covey. 

Everything was going perfectly with Covey and her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky. They went on dates from fancy restaurants, coffee shops, carnivals, lighting sky lanterns and even spending time with each other’s families. Everything was everything, Covey couldn’t believe those love stories she read was finally her life. 

Throughout the film, Covey’s mind couldn’t escape the thought of Peter and ex-girlfriend Jen’s past relationship. She and Covey were best friends in middle school but fell out because Lara Jean kissed Kavinsky in a game of spin the bottle. Ever since that day, Jen had hate towards her.  

Now if you watched the first film “To All The Boys: I’ve Loved Before” you know Covey wrote five love letters. One to of course her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky, Kenny, Lucas, Josh and John Ambrose McClaren. Everyone responded back to her letter except for Ambrose. Since he didn’t answer her love letter she assumed it got lost in the mail since it was addressed to their childhood summer camp.

Then suddenly, she received a letter from Ambrose, expressing how he felt the same way as she did when they were younger. He also expressed how he thought she was really pretty and smart. When she received the letter, she had thoughts about what life could have been if they ended up together. How much happier she would’ve been with him instead of Kavinsky. 

As the film continues, Covey’s mind still won’t get over the fact that Kavinsky and his ex-girlfriend have a relationship. Jen calls Kavinsky whenever her parents are arguing, whenever she needs someone to talk to and Covey is tired of it.

She is tired of feeling second best or coming second to Kavinsky when she is his girlfriend. As much as Covey wanted to be happy, she couldn’t forget that whenever Jen calls Kavinsky he jumps right away. 

As Covey volunteers every weekend, she noticed someone else is there to volunteer with her. What are the odds it is the one and only, John Ambrose?

Of course, he was making all of the effort to show her he wanted to be with her. As their chemistry started to build and as they reminisced, it never occurred to her to tell him she had a boyfriend. She loved the feeling of being loved, noticed and most of all coming first to someone. 

Since Covey and Kavinsky couldn’t get it together, this caused a break up to take place. They both promised they wouldn’t break each other’s hearts and that is exactly what ended up happening.

When they broke up this encouraged Ambrose to try and win Covey back. She was so happy to have someone see the real her and put her before anyone, especially his ex-girlfriend. Until one day as they were slow dancing and they decided to kiss. After the kiss, Covey realized this was not the person who she loved and wanted to be with.

Covey realized she was still in love with Kavinsky and wanted to work things out. As she was rushing to go see Kavinsky, her mind was racing with thoughts. “What if Peter doesn’t love me? What if he doesn’t want to get back together,?” said Covey.

Then suddenly, she opened the door and she saw Kavinsky outside. Since it was snowing and Kavinsky remembered Covey hates driving in the snow he decided to come to pick her up.

“You said you don’t like driving in the snow. Break my heart Covey, break my heart into a thousand pieces, do whatever you want,” expressed Kavinsky.

In the end, Covey and Kavinsky decided to get back together and expressed how much they loved each other and promised to never break each other’s hearts…again. 

This love sequel will help you to explore the meaning of how to stay in love after falling in love and what we as people would do to keep that.