Exotic dancer’s fall at club sheds light on challenges of the stripping industry


Courtesy to Yahoo.com

Caryn Miller, Staff Writer

An exotic dancer from Texas fell from a 15-foot pole during her routine at the XTC Cabaret in Dallas and suffered several injuries over the weekend of Feb. 8.

The dancer, 24-year-old Genea Sky, went viral in a video posted to Twitter that shows her falling from the pole.

What shocked viewers was that she continued to dance.

After the video gained thousands of views, many people made jokes about it. The viral video soon earned her the nickname “bounce-back stripper” because she continued to twerk after the fall. Sky addressed the internet’s comments on Twitter. 

“Yes, I fell off the pole. Yes, I fractured my jaw. No, I’m not f**king okay. And there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about this situation. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone,” she tweeted.

Sky suffered from a fractured jaw, a sprained ankle and multiple cracked/broken teeth. She had to undergo surgery, but she assured everyone that she is getting better in her recent Instagram posts. She thanked everyone who reached out to her sending their regards and hoping for a speedy recovery. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sky said she recalls hoping that she wouldn’t hit her head on her way down from the pole.

“I guess my adrenaline was really high because I didn’t even feel like I was hurt at first,” said Sky.

The stripper said that this is the reason why she continued to dance. 

Television host Wendy Williams invited Sky onto her show to talk about the incident. Her appearance on the show took place after her surgery, so her mouth was wired shut, making it a little hard for her to talk.

When asked if she will go back to stripping after her recovery, she said that she won’t.

Sky said she would take this incident as a blessing because she had been praying for a sign to get her out of the strip club for a while. She said she wants to focus on a career as an esthetician once she’s all healed. To help Sky transition, the Wendy Williams show gave her a $10,000 scholarship towards her education.

A friend of hers created a GoFundMe campaign to request donations to help Sky pay for her medical expenses. The campaign has raised over half of the $20,000 goal.

The dancer is an independent contractor, so she did not have health insurance. Also, since she isn’t a full-time worker, she can’t get worker’s compensation. Eric Langan, the owner of the club where Sky performed, told TMZ  that the club is looking to help Sky financially, but he thinks she should worry about her health first and money second.

Sky’s mishap has created awareness for other dancers. Usually people working in the exotic dancing industry would not be helped by their employers, as they are often dehumanized.

Sky is grateful that the accident has allowed her to “shed light on the circumstances facing other dancers.”