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Justin Valentovic , Staff Writer

Following their impressive 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Ravens proved why they are the best team in the AFC lead by this year’s season MVP Lamar Jackson.

While playing in some of the worst weather possible, Jackson finished the game with a rather forgettable stat-line, but still kept his team in the game.

Passing for 105 yards, one touchdown and rushing for 101 yards and one touchdown. Even though it was another one of his video-game style performances, Jackson still added another reason to his resume to be this year’s MVP.

Beating Legitimate Teams

When looking over possible MVP candidates, the first thing to consider is their competition. This season alone Lamar Jackson has to lead the Ravens to convincing wins over some of the best teams in the NFL.

So far he has beaten the Patriots, Texans, 49ers, Rams, and the Seahawks. The most notable being the win versus New England.

In the match-up against the Patriots, Jackson simply outplayed Tom Brady. He finished that game with 163 passing yards and 61 rushing yards as well as three total touchdowns, one passing, and two rushings.

Another one of his most notable wins came against the Houston Texans. In that game, Jackson was responsible for four passing touchdowns, 222 yards. In that game, the Ravens blew-out the Texans 41-7.

Jackson’s best game of the season came against the LA Rams on prime-time during Monday Night Football. During that game, the Ravens outright embarrassed the Rams in LA.

Lamar Jackson was responsible for five total passing touchdowns. and 169 yards passing, and 95 yards rushing.

You can’t blame a team for beating teams that they are scheduled to play.

The Ravens on paper have one of the harder schedules in the NFL, and they have made short work of numerous Super Bowl contenders. They have beaten the best the NFL has to offer and are simply the best, because of Lamar Jackson playing at an MVP level.

Electricity Skill-Set

Coming into the NFL a lot of people firmly believed that Jackson should not be an NFL QB and become a running back.

He has done nothing but proves those critics wrong.

We have seen mobile QBs in the NFL before, and because of their style of play not really last that long. Some of the most notable being Michael Vick and Randell Cunningham.

Jackson’s skill set is far better than either of those players at this point in their careers.

Both of the former QBs had to re-invent themselves once they started to get older and have to become more of a traditional passing quarterback.

We saw this when Vick became an Eagle, and when Cunningham became a Viking But looking at Jackson, he is already a better passer than either of those ever was.

On the season Jackson has 2,427 yards passing, and 24 passing touchdowns. Also, he has shown that he is quite possibly even a better runner then Vick ever was.

Jackson has 876 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns. He has shown that time and time again that he is the best dual-threat QB in the NFL right now, and even one of best the NFL has ever seen.

Jackson in on pace to be a 1,000-yard rusher as a QB, which is unheard of.

To put it into perspective, Vick was a 1,000-yard rusher once in his whole career. Also, he only had two 3,000 yard passing seasons in his 13-year career. Finally, Vick never passed for more than 20 touchdowns in his whole career. Making pretty clear that Jackson is better than Mike Vick.

Jackson is the perfect quarterback for today’s NFL and because of his teams’ record and performance against some of the best teams in the NFL.

Due to his skill set as a lethal passer and even better runner, he has the 2019 NFL MVP locked up.