Black Friday Madness

Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

A house filled with the smells of a Thanksgiving feast, laugher from loved ones, memories being made. It’s a wonderful time of the year. Count your blessings while you can, cause come to the stroke of midnight, the terror begins.

Waiting outside for hours in the cold, restless crowds wait for the doors to open so they can run each other over to save precious dollars while they shop for the holidays. This yearly madness is every shopper’s dream and every retail worker’s worst nightmare. 

The term Black Friday originated from a 1869 finical crisis of the U.S gold market, and later inPhiladelphia in the 1950s actually referring to the heavy traffic that followed the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes leading to accidents and violence. Now, Black Friday is what every shopaholic waits for each holiday season.

The deals the shoppers desperately seek all in one day. Where now they lack any sense or respect shoppers may have had, disappears. They lash out at retail workers on eight-hour shifts, many of whom left their Thanksgiving plans the evening before. It’s for the sole purpose of companies attempting to rake in an even larger profit. 

What’s so difficult to comprehend about Black Friday is the extent people are willing to go to just to get their shopping done.

Forget about getting shopping done with early sales. Wait until the crowded holiday season starts and go for it all at once so the frustration is at its maximum when people are shoulder to shoulder in the stores. Tackling each other, starting fights, using vulgar language that in any other scenario they would be ashamed of. 

With the world we live in, Black Friday should become a strictly online affair. Give retail workers a break and let customers lose their minds over deals from the comfort of their own homes.

No more waiting in lines outside is freezing temperatures that wrap around the store. Make Cyber Monday a cyber weekend and leave the deals online.

All of our sympathies should go out to the retail workers who are forced to grin and bear customers as their stores turn into a zoo. They also have no choice but to help with ridiculous requests from people. They count the hours until they can run and pray that more guests stay home the following year.

Endless lines as they ring up guest after guest and clean up the messes left behind on displays that they stayed late at work just hours before. Despite the smiles on their faces, they are exhausted and anticipating their new late-night holiday hours. 

Black Friday is a holiday season tradition that needs to end. There is nothing to enjoy about irritable rude crowds and stressed out retail workers.

It is a pretty ironic way to start off the “most magical time of the year”.

But unfortunately, as long as stores are willing to pump out new products and discounts, the people will continue to come. Year after year, the madness will go on until the crowds have cleared every last item off the shelves. With all the wonderful holiday traditions, this is one that should come to an end.