Dating Apps Are Not All That

Priscilla Ziskin, Entertainment Editor

You’re more than likely not going to meet someone you vibe with on a dating app. I mean, that’s been my experience anyway.

Dating apps are pretty transparent. It’s just a profile with a couple of photos and a brief bio of someone trying to act cooler than they actually are.

If you’ve met enough people off the internet like myself, you’ll realize their personality over the phone is much more different than in person.

If they prove they’re the same, then kudos to them. There aren’t many of them out there, unfortunately.

And let’s not forget the catfish. The ones who are either too insecure to admit who they are or the ones who are just trying to waste your time. Those are my favorite.

The #1 dating app in the world, Tinder, tried releasing a TV-like series in September called “Swipe Night”, at least. This was a campaign to engage more users.

It’s purpose was to connect users with the same interests, which was a pretty smart marketing strategy on their part.

Maybe more dating apps should take that into consideration.

But it’s not their fault I’m not fond of them. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the 50 bothersome guys in my direct messages who think I want them after I say “what’s good.”

Most conversations on a dating app aren’t that intriguing. Especially when their first message is about how sexy you are or how badly they want to hook up with you.

At least I learned to make the person wait a month before we actually hang out. It’s enough time to realize what they’re looking for out of me, and for me to finalize a decision.

Don’t make them think you’re that person that’s going to show up at their place tomorrow and do what they wanted you to do. Trust me, it’s not the smart move.

If you end up dating someone you meet through these dating apps, don’t be surprised that eventually, they completely catch you off guard based on their personality. Sometimes their personality is different on a screen than in person. You did meet them through an app and didn’t get to study their body language and mentality in person until later on.

They clearly don’t know what they want, hence the fact they’re on a dating app.

I’m not saying using them is wrong, but odds are you won’t be satisfied. I would have to say 10% of my experiences were worth it, and those lucky men don’t even keep in contact with me anymore.

Let’s just say the second episode of ”Rick and Morty”, Season 4, just released two weeks ago, explains dating apps in a nutshell. You’ll just have to watch to see it.

So the next time you think about swiping right, make sure they’re worth your time. We aren’t letting boring dates occur in our lives in 2020.