Frozen 2 will make you feel fuzzy inside


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Lanie Gatson, Social Media Coordinator

One of Disney’s best-animated sequels has just hit theaters, and it’ll hit you right in the feels.

The film opens with a flashback to the king and queen of Arendelle telling their young daughters, Elsa and Anna, a bedtime story about a magical enchanted forest and the people of Northuldra who live there. As he is telling the story he mentions the elemental spirits of air, water, fire and Earth. 

Throughout the film, Queen Elsa hears a voice that is persistent.

It seems as if this voice is calling her to this mysterious, magical forest—the one her father told her and Anna about when they were younger. 

Back in the day, the girls’ grandfather went up to this land to make peace and to give them a new dam, but he was betrayed. Soon, a war broke out which happened to be the shortest war in Arendelle history.

After this, the forest’s nature soon came into play such as sealing the whole town away behind an impenetrable wall of magic mist. 

Throughout the movie, Elsa must figure out what the voice requests of her and where it’s coming from. She is on a time limit or else the future of Arendelle is in her hands, considering it is under attack by these elemental forces.

Elsa is determined to save her kingdom. She confirms with Anna, “I believe whatever is calling me is good.” Anna remained unsure, but she is determined to protect her sister under any circumstances. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and his reindeer all tag along to help the sisters find the voice. 

As the group traveled they soon came across a long-missing group of Northuldrans and Arendelle soldiers, who have been trapped for decades. Elsa then realizes she must use her special powers to save Arendelle and make peace with the Northuldrans.

Since Elsa realized the water has memory she was able to get the answers to the questions she needed. Such as, why did their parents travel to the Black Seam, along with seeing when their grandfather went up to Northuldrans to make peace. It had been brought to the sisters’ attention that their grandfather lied, he did not go to make peace but revenge. 

In the end, Queen Elsa has saved her kingdom, but she is not done yet. She decided to become the Queen of Northuldrans, so she can be herself.

She won’t have to worry about touching something and turning it into ice. She will feel as if she is home.

Hence her decision, who will run Arendelle? A person who is dedicated, loves her kingdom, and will do anything to protect.

Anna will be the Queen of Arendelle.

This charming musical sequel elevates sisterhood, empowerment, love and dedication. It’ll bring you the warm, fuzzy feeling a classic Christmas film would.