Tua Tagovailoa draft stock after season-ending injury


Stephen Bologna, Staff Writer

The Alabama Standout Quaterback and the likely #1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Tua Tagovailoa, is out for around six months. This is a crushing blow to Tagovailoa and the Crimson Tide as they still had a good chance at making the College Football Playoff. The official injury he sustained was a dislocated right hip. This type of injury is usually not seen in football, although the all-time great Bo Jackson suffered a very similar injury in 1991 that ended his playing career.

Tagovailoa has already undergone “successful” surgery and should start football activities again by the start of Spring. He also broke his nose on the same play. He had been putting together an incredible season so far throwing for 2,840 yards, 33 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. Although a Heisman candidate,  this injury puts any chance he has to bed. At the time of his injury, Alabama was up 35-7 against Mississippi State. The real question is, why was Tua still in the game?

The Play

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban said that he had Tagovailoa in the game because he wanted to get him practice on a two minute drill. Backup QB Mac Jones, who now takes over as the starter, was ready with his already helmet on, came into the game. Tagovailoa scrambled away from two Mississippi State defenders who threw him to the ground after he threw the ball away. Immediately, Tua was down and reportedly “Screaming in pain”. He was then carted off the field.  This is one of the few mistakes Nick Saban has made during his time at Alabama.

How does this effect the NFL Draft?

Coming into this season, Tagovailoa was the clear cut number 1 pick. As it currently stands, the Bengals are 0-10 and hold possession of the first pick. They need a QB with Andy Dalton not being the answer anymore. Unfortunately for Tagovailoa, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow has put up insane numbers in his Senior campaign. As days go by, Burrow’s chances to win the Heisman and be the 1st  pick are rising. He has all the potential in the world. With the correct recovery, he should get back to top form and could be a perfect fit for a team in the mid-late teens of the draft. If you want to draft Tagovailoa, teams must do extensive research into his injury history, because he certainly does have a long list. NFL teams hope for a speedy and safe recovery for one of, if not the best player in College Football.