Doja Cat releases sophomore album ‘Hot Pink’

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Caryn Miller, Staff Writer

Singer, songwriter and record producer Doja Cat, also known as Amalaratna Dlamini, released her sophomore album “Hot Pink” on Nov. 7, over a year after the release of her debut album “Amala.”

If you’re not familiar with the name Doja Cat, you’ve definitely heard of her song “Mooo!” which was released on the deluxe version of “Amala.” This track was accompanied by a music video where she dances in front of a green screen wearing a cow printed outfit and an appears in it with fries stuffed up her nose; that video has now surpassed 58 million views on YouTube. 

The breakout song definitely made the music industry aware of who she is, but it was also the reason for her mislabeling as a “meme rapper.”

In an interview with iHeart Radio, readers can come to the conclusion that she’s in a new stage of her life.

Dlamini said that “Hot Pink” is a reflection of that growth that still remains true to her quintessential fun, catchy, sexy and humorous sound. 

She said that she wishes she was more poetic with her lyrics, but she mostly just wants to go in open-minded and have fun.

The album has 12 tracks and features “Rules,” “Bottom B—h” and “Juicy,” a remix that was released prior to the album itself. 

“Juicy” appeared in its original form in March of 2018; however, in August 2019, a remix of the song was released alongside a music video for it with rapper Tyga. The remixed track hit No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is marks Doja Cat’s first entry on the list.

“Hot Pink” only has three features, so it gives fans the time to really hear Doja’s flow. 

In several interviews, the singer reflects on her songwriting to compare her debut album style with her development presented in her sophomore album.

I used to write stuff where it didn’t matter,” she told the LA Times. “Now there are things I believe in, that get me excited and piss me off. I’m actually reflecting on who I am as a person.”

She admitted that she was high most of the time when she worked on her first album. When she made “Hot Pink,” she said she was “more concise and clear and level-headed.”

The album samples and mashes together both pop and R&B sounds along with playful and quirky lyrics.

A Pitchfork review of the album says that the songwriter is “full of personality and endless wordplay.” Doja’s tone throughout the album varies depending on the track, jumping from “ultra-soft and chill to peppy and frantic.”  

She told ELLE that she’s absorbent and loves to pull inspiration from many artists. Doja describes her sound as “sort of soft but also really, really aggressive in some aspects, and really fun.” The artist wants to make rap more colorful and animated because she believes it is currently “very one dimensional.”

“Hot Pink” can be streamed on all major platforms. Fans can check out music videos for “Cyber Sex,” “Bottom B—h,” “Rules” and “Juicy” on her YouTube channel