WPU Confessions: A Hidden Beast On Campus

Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

These days, it seems as if William Paterson has its very own Gossip Girl. Though instead of these juicy secrets being spilled via text; social media has stepped into its place.

That’s right, William Paterson has its own gossip page, @wpu_confession on Instagram. It’s the site of all the dirty little secrets on campus. Run by an unidentified student, all information sent to the page remains completely anonymous but spreads like wildfire.

One can not help but wonder, is this really what our students need?

The days of face to face confrontation seem to be far behind us. Instead of looking someone in the eye and talking about your problems and expressing feelings from one person to another, it seems almost uncommon to the young adults in school.

We have all adapted to hide behind social media and express our deepest secrets to a list of strangers who will be amused by other misfortunes.  

Students have mixed opinions on this page, whether or not it is even worth it to be in existence. It is full of complaints and petty gossip that should be behind us in college.

We are adults, getting ready to go into the world and make something of ourselves, but we still find entertainment airing our dirty laundry for everyone to see. Students use it to express displeasure instead of doing anything about poor situations. 

Though the account may have the occasional exciting announcement or good news, they are few and far between. The photos and constant story posts keep students glued to their screens, staring at the trainwreck, unable to look away. The confessions are often uncomfortable and hard to read, especially when involving secret feelings or intimate details.

Recently, a complaint was posted against one of the employees at the Park Wayne Diner. This is a local hot spot among students and families. The post claimed that said employee had a negative attitude towards one of the waitresses and even made racist remarks against her.

Additionally, the post warned against returning to the establishment, and many viewers agreed. Though it was wise to get the word out, aren’t there better places than a college university gossip page?

Many students are sick of the page, though it is a recent addition to the campus. They agree that it is nothing but a source of rude and vulgar information started by someone who was likely bored and missing the drama of days past.

It is a shame that students feel comfortable bragging about their “conquests” on a social media page in order to make themselves feel good about the ridiculous things they do. 

We need to bring something positive and good into this campus, and this is the exact opposite. This page is nothing but a nuisance that constantly pops up on users’ feeds, and our campus needs to be rid of it.

There are better things to then feed into gossip like we’re high school kids. The information on this page is noting anyone needs to know.