The Lady And The Queen Rule Crown Jewel



Christopher Risco, Staff Writer

On Halloween day, history was made when WWE hosted its second annual “Crown Jewel” pay-per-view in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  This time around though, there was a treat.

Last year’s “Crown Jewel” featured no women’s match or women at all except for commentator Renee Young. For those who don’t know, Saudi Arabia is very much behind on women’s rights; it was only last year that women were finally allowed to drive.

Women still live with the fact that they cannot interact with men who are they are blood-related to for any long period of time, play sports or apparently even change in a dressing room. It’s horrible what these women have to go through, but they can claim a new victory now.

The first-ever women’s match was between “The Queen Of Hearts” Natalya versus “The Sassy Southern Belle” Lacey Evans. As well as they should be the women to do it.

“Natalya is somewhat of a legend in the women’s division. She is a veteran. She has been here for so long, been a part of so many of the changes that have happened,” said Mcmahon in an interview with Bleacher Report. 

“You take Lacey Evans, who is fairly new on the scene but who has not been shy about sharing her perspective on overcoming, especially in her life and the things she’s been through,” Mcmahon said.

To be exact, Natalya has been working for WWE for 13 years. Two in their developmental system and 11 on their “main roster.” However, she has only gotten a handful of accomplishments in those years.

She has only been a champion twice in her career and was in the first-ever women’s tag team tables match. She was partnered with her hall of fame best friend, Beth Phoenix against legendary women’s tag team Lay-Cool. Along with that, she was also in the first-ever women’s “money in the bank” ladder match.

While other women have gotten a championship five months after their main roster debut or even on their first night on the main roster, some are already multi-time champions despite less time in the company. Not to mention that Natalya has had less than flattering characters such as a flatulence gimmick.

So I don’t care what anybody says, Natalya deserves this. Lacey, on the other hand, has not been in the WWE as long nor does she really have any accomplishments. Although, she does have a major potential to become a huge star one day.

Evans’s character is a condescending woman who is stuck in the 1950s, but in reality, she is a former marine and all about women empowerment.

For the match and for their entire trip the women, (including Lana who would show up near the end of the show), had to be covered up but that didn’t stop them from putting on a great match.

The ladies pulled out all their signature moves, and in the end, Natalya would end up victorious. Both ladies cried and hugged each other as the fireworks took off. They also hugged a woman in the front row who must have had a significant role in making this match possible.

It was a nice moment and everyone should bow down to “The Queen” and “The Lady.”