“Zombieland” makes a comeback but with less of the goofy magic

Christopher Molina, Staff Writer

The beloved group of Zombie killers have been on the run for ten years and made their pit stop in 2019. In theaters nationwide, “Zombieland: Double Tap,” has been rated two and a half out of five stars.

The film’s director, Ruben Fleischer, and the original 2009’s cast of Zombieland made their return.

One of the original characters Columbus (Jessie Eisenberg) starts with welcoming back everyone. He then explains what has been going on since their last appearance back in 2009.

For starters, Columbus is in a relationship with Wichita (Emma Stone), meanwhile, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) acts in the new movie as a step farther to Wichita’s younger sister, Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). At the same time, she’s not all too happy about it.

Despite the similarities from the movie, there has been some addition to the zombies. In the first film, the zombies were clarified as zombies. In “Zombieland: Double Tap” there are three different kinds of zombies.

The zombies who appear dim-withed and move at a slow pace are called Homers, named after Homer Simpson of the “Simpsons.” The next is Ninja Zombies, where they’re so silent that you won’t know it’ll attack or see it coming until it’s too late. The last is the Hawkings, who are more intelligent than the rest.

In this new movie, the group becomes residents in the neglected White House. They make it their home by touring the place and taking items given to previous presidents.

In the first half of the movie, it seems that the group was living the good life, but was overturned by an ill-advised question. This sets Wichita and Little Rock ahead on a different path, and it was this path that they met Berkeley (Avan Jogia), a Hippie Pacifist, who is not someone you might expect to be running into a world full of zombies. Little Rock finds comfortability in Berkeley because they are the same age.

This cast has proven their acting skills, however, since it’s a sequel it is not possible to recapture the antic feel of the first film. Since the zombies are now new, the group of saviors had to once again get around the fact that death is a greater threat.

They had to adapt and learn how to survive.

The reason why the group had lasted this long was that they are really good killers, so good that in fact, there isn’t someone or something that could be a real danger to them. It was that reason why the first “Zombieland” became so popular, because of the tension and seriousness from the original helped make it so successful.