What this violent “Fake News” video says about our President


Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post


Caryn Miller, Staff Writer

American Priority, a conservative support group of Pres. Trump, held a conference at Trump’s National Doral Miami (hotel and golf resort) from Oct. 10-12. At the conference an extremely violent edited video of Trump slaughtering news organizations and critics of his was shown.

The video shared was created by a YouTube channel that goes by the name of TheGeekzTeam. As they state in their channel description, “to [piss] off liberals and [encourage] Trump supporters”.

They are commonly known to create violent parody videos with Trump edited assaulting others. The video was taken down late Oct. 14 from its channel due to copyright claim. However, the video was uploaded to a website called memeworld.com.

This particular video shown at the conference was taken from the church massacre scene in the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. In the video, Trump’s character moves around the church that was renamed “The Church of Fake News” as he attacks and brutally kills popular political rivals, critics and many news outlets known to share information about Trump in a negative light.

To paint a picture of how disturbing the video was, it showed Trump lighting Sen. Bernie Sander’s head on fire and attacking others like former Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton. The character depicted as Trump continued to shoot the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the head and ends the video by driving a stake into a person with the CNN logo covering the face.

The main idea behind the video was to display Trump defeating the “fake news” that he commonly talks about. However, doing so in such a violent matter was unnecessary.

The White House made a statement saying that Trump, “strongly condemns” the video before he actually watched it. How can we believe he condemns the video if he hasn’t taken the time to personally say he doesn’t approve of the video?

It could be as easy as sending a tweet out, as he does so naturally every day; especially since Trump himself has also posted mildly violent videos on his Twitter account.

I can recall an edited video that made it look like Trump had hit Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball. This isn’t a close comparison to the fake news video. However, the fact that our president posted a video that portrayed the tiniest bit of violence is outrageous. 

The creators and supporters of this fake news video probably created it with the thought that it would be taken as satire. However, this video is not in the slightest funny. It promotes violence at the most extreme level and suggested that Trump was assaulting multiple women and men.

It also touched upon a very sensitive movement that took large effect in 2018, the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Not only were news outlets like the Washington Post and NBC attacked but a campaign of activists that hold the subject close to their hearts were made a mockery of. 

It doesn’t seem like our president has taken this video as seriously as it should’ve been taken. The simple fact that he has not taken the time to personally condemn the violent video makes it seem as if he finds it amusing.

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea that the president of our country might endorse violence.