Pesce Mentoring Institute, Apply Today!


The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute at William Paterson University is one of the best ways for students to garner relationships with professionals in their field of study. It is a program that provides students with advice and direction towards their career goals.

The Institute does its best to try to match students up with a mentor that has experience in their field of study. So if you are a communications major, they will try to find someone who has experience in the media world.

The institute was founded by William Pesce ’73 and his wife Henrietta ’72. This gift has granted William Paterson the unique opportunity to provide its students with an opportunity to get a head start when entering the work place.

Although the institute does help William Paterson students network, these mentors can provide life skills, goal setting techniques and even some habits to help succeed in the classroom.

“I believe the Pesce Family Mentoring Institute program is one of the best ways to get hands on experience in your career field. The program allowed me to gain behind the scenes information on how the marketing industry works.” -Kwame Gambrah ’16, Mentee

The amount of ways the institute can help are endless.

Program specialist Deborah Feingold explained on an interview with WP-TV6, that mentees can ask anything. They can set goals, review resumes or cover letters or even shadow their mentor at their place of work.

Once a student gets accepted into the institute, they are given the contact information of their new mentor. They get to start the communication and highlight their goals for the next year. The institute also sets up plenty of meet-and-greet opportunities and dinners that help network even further.

To apply visit the Pesce Family Mentoring Institute website