Total Divas Returns with Season 9



Christopher Risco, Staff Writer

“Total Divas” is back with their ninth season which premiered on Oct. 1.  The show focuses on female wrestlers and their lives in and outside of the biggest wrestling company in the world, WWE. 

The wrestlers this season are Ronda Rousey, Natalya Neidhart, Nia Jax, Carmella, Sonya Deville and Naomi. This will be Rousey and Deville’s first season on the show. Brie and Nikki Bella, also known as The Bella Twins, will make guest appearances throughout the season as well.

Rousey begins the episode by bringing up a rather traumatic experience in her life, talking about how she was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Then she discussed how sports has played a huge part in her life since she was six-years-old. Before entering pro wrestling with WWE, she ended up winning a bronze medal in Judo from the 2008 Olympics and earned a legendary career in the UFC. 

The rest of the episode saw snippets of Ronda’s wrestling career with the most emphasis on her match against Sasha Banks at WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

The Royal Rumble match contains about 30 participants, where two wrestlers start in the ring and every 90 seconds, another one appears. It keeps going until one person remains in the ring, and the only way to get eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope.

A sneak peek of Ronda’s life on “Browsey Acres” was shown as well, which is a farm that she and husband Travis Browne own and live on. Rousey also discusses her conflict with wanting to have children with Browne but also not wanting to give up her wrestling career.

Jax and Carmella seem to have the most drama throughout the episode. Both are seen backstage at the Royal Rumble and Nia goes off about why Carmella is disrespectful towards her. 

“One time, I came from behind, and we (talking to Tamina Snuka, her tag-team partner) jumped her, and she was, like, screamed out in front of everybody ‘Oh My God, you really hit me.’ And I was like, “It’s wrestling,” Jax said.

When all the Total Divas go to breakfast together, Natalya tries to play peacemaker between Nia and Carmella. Nia once again repeats everything she feels about Carmella to her face but this time Carmella fires back.

“She’s pretty notorious for having this reputation of hurting people. I would much rather have the reputation I have, of being safe in the ring than a reputation of hurting people. What we do is not natural, so, like, yeah, I probably do fade some stuff sometimes,” Carmella said about Nia. 

Nothing gets resolved between the two, but that’s reality TV for you. 

The preview for the rest of the season shows everyone going through their own struggles. Whether its Natalya grieving over her father who passed away last summer, Sonya getting back together with her ex-girlfriend Arianna or a more in-depth look into whether or not Ronda will have a child, the show has a lot in store for its viewers this season.