Teen angst makes a comeback in Tegan and Sara’s new album


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Christin Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Most people can remember the effect teen angst had on the developing teenage brain. It was as if the world was for the taking, and yet everything seemed to be bearing down with the crushing weight of responsibility, relationships and thoughts of “What the hell am I going to do with my life?”

Canadian indie-pop band Tegan and Sara have just released a project relating to teens worldwide. Their ninth studio album, titled “Hey, I’m Just Like You.” was just released on Sept. 27.

However, this album isn’t like Tegan and Sara’s regular work. Instead, “Hey I’m Just Like You” was written during the identical twin sisters’ teenage years and encapsulates their struggles, memorializing them for fans to reminisce and relate to. Nostalgia permeates the album while also maintaining a unique pop sound that separates itself from their earlier alternative rock roots.

But they didn’t just release an album, Tegan and Sara, also known as Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin, released a memoir sensibly titled “High School,” which details their journey throughout the tumultuous waters of growing up in the Canadian city of Calgary during the ’90s.

This has left their fanbase buzzing with excitement for what is next in the sibling’s journey.

The book discusses Tegan and Sara’s teenage plight and the struggle of coming to terms with their sexuality, their parent’s divorce and the impending weight of the future. It also focuses on their rocky relationship with each other.

In an interview with ET Canada, the sisters explain that the book was their first priority. When looking for resources such as photos and family interviews to create the book, they found cassette tapes of their first band and fell in love with their old music all over again.

“The further we dug into the story, the more we wrote and the more I dug into all these songs I kept thinking ‘well when we’re done with the book were going to have to work on a new record’, Tegan said. “Sara listened to the songs and she loved them.”

Sara was the first of the two to be dragged out of the closet by her mom, and while she was supportive, it brought out issues of trust. Tegan also hadn’t come out to her family yet and didn’t openly support Sara during that period of her life. Sara harbored resentment towards her sister after going through her coming out without the support of Tegan who had had a very easy coming out later in life.

However, as they began to create music together, the two sisters grew closer and allowed their creativity to bond them. Their music solidified a music contract with PolyGram Records at 18 and landed them a tour with Canadian rock singer Neil Young.

The 39-year-olds have obviously come to terms with their past when creating this project. It turns out troubling times make for great music and their teenage songwriting has garnered an amazing album that speaks to the teen angst in all of us.