William Paterson welcomes new dorm building, Skyline Hall

Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

Open space, breathtaking views, luxurious living: that is the exceptional experience that students are immersed in with Skyline Hall, William Paterson’s brand new residence hall which held its official opening on Thursday, Sept. 12th.

This brand new living space brings many perks to students, such as comfortable lounge spaces, quiet study rooms, a brand new kitchen, and a laundry room which connects to a smartphone app.

Upon first glance, this space does not feel like other William Paterson college dorms. Sitting high up on William Paterson’s grounds, Skyline was a dream project that has come into reality.

An afternoon of events was planned to officially welcome the building into the 2019-2020 academic year.

With one of the common areas on the main floor filled with decorations and games, guests were able to enjoy activities such as giant Jenga and Connect Four while they dined on hotdogs, hamburgers, and waited for their chance to tour the building.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the afternoon was the speeches given by President Helldobler and fellow faculty members, sharing their pride followed by the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

President Helldobler was happy to discuss this vision that is now home to 276 students, ranging from sophomores to seniors.

“It was designed to enhance the living and learning environment for everybody who lives or visits, and contribute to a stronger and healthier community,” said President Helldobler.

With a great deal of gratitude, he went on to thank some of the many people whose hard work and dedication helped put this building on the William Paterson University map.

After the speeches came to a close, President Helldobler commented on some of his favorite aspects of the space. “It’s keeping with our mission of eco-sustainability and I think it’s a great facility for students,” he said.

“I like the new laundry room and the addition of having a kitchen, and I love the bigger living space!” Sophomore Liz Lea said.

Liz’s roommate, fellow Sophomore Ally Ivanitski also expressed her excitement. “It’s more open and comfortable and the view is beautiful.”

From the top floor, students can take in the skyline view, hence the building’s proud namesake.

To conclude the festivities, President Helldobler, along with a few faculty members and students, cut a bright orange ribbon to welcome the building to the William Paterson campus.