Melanie Martinez’s sophomore album: K-12

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Kasandra Lopez, Contributing Writer

Former The Voice contestant, Melanie Martinez, has moved forward since competing against others who all dreamed of her new reality. 

Martinez released her highly anticipated sophomore album, “K-12,” with a tracklist of 13 songs on Sept. 6. This is a sequel to her debut album, “Cry Baby,” following a four-year hiatus. 

To make it more interesting, she created her first-ever feature film. Stretching over an hour and a half, the movie follows the life of her character, Cry Baby.

Initially, Martinez created 13 music videos to accompany each song off her debut album. The film condenses all 13 tracks into one visually, creative motion picture. 

“My biggest intention with creating the film was to display school as a condensed version of life,” Martinez said in a PeopleTV interview. “I think my main goal too was just to make sure that I was creating music and art that can help people heal in some way, shape or form.”

Within the film, we see Cry Baby navigating her way through life from kindergarten to senior year dealing with bullying, body image, high school crushes, and relationships. Her friends and classmates also deal with serious issues of discrimination, abuse of power, sexism, and learning to self-love. 

“I have my next film planned out as far as what I want to do and the film after that and they both have albums attached to them,” she told PeopleTV when asked if she had another movie planned.

During her break, a conflict in Martinez’s career arose when she was accused of sexual misconduct over a tweet in December 2017 by her former best friend Timothy Heller. Heller also went into detail about their abusive relationship which dated back to June 2015.

Martinez was fairly open about the whole situation, claiming that she had Heller’s consent.

She still lost a vast amount of fans. 

Following the allegations, Heller and Martinez ended their friendship which resulted in Martinez keeping her finished sophomore album under wraps. 

It appears future films are inevitable to Martinez’s career.

“K-12,” is now showing in select theaters.