The Mueller Report


Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

At this point in the presidency, we are all waiting on the edge of our seats for something, anything to come out about Trump to confirm what most people believe: that he is an incompetent con artist who only resides in the oval office because the Russians helped him to do so.

Time after time, Trump’s team manages to cover up the truth and feed the people of this country with lies, betraying the trust the presidency typically deserves. Now finally, we have access to the results of the Robert Mueller’s investigation, and we still lack the answers we seek.

The 400-page report was not released to the public before the Justice Department had the chance to redact it, which by the photographs means they are trying their best to hide what Mueller really uncovered in his investigation.

The report explored Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and whether or not Trump was actually involved in the illegal collusion. This meddling placed the most unfit candidate in one of the most influential positions in the country.

Trump has previously claimed that there was “no collisions” between himself or anyone on his team with the Russians, but his arguments are rarely ever convincing.

Mueller’s investigation was attempting to prove that there was criminal coordination between the trump campaign and the Russians, and according to Mueller, there was not enough evidence to prove it to be true.

However, there was also not enough information provided to clear Trump on obstruction of justice.

Trump was well aware of the severity of this investigation, and it was clear he was concerned with what the outcome would do to his presidency. He knew that whatever Mueller had the potential of finding would ruin him, yet somehow he has still managed to walk away unscathed.

For now.

The report resulted in several hundred pages worth of information, but there were a few key pieces that came out.

It was confirmed that Trump did in fact unsuccessfully order Mueller’s firing, but Mr. McGahn, who Trump tried to get to publicly say that it was falsely refused, and another source deemed this as credible. Trump also wanted Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to deliver a press conference saying that firing FBI Director James Comey was his idea, but he stated that if this conference took place he would “tell the truth.”

As many times as both Trump and his White House staff denied the truth behind various stories released about him, the report revealed that not only were a majority of them true but that Trump’s staff was well aware of this as they were denying the accuracy of it to the press.

His lack of coordination could not be confirmed, somewhat due to his suspicious activities in the office.

Luckily for Trump’s lawyers, he was never subpoenaed to questioning because Mueller knew that the court battle would delay the investigation.

Trump sitting down for an interview would no doubt have led to him spilling more information than his lawyers could have handled, especially since they were not able to ask one of the most intriguing questions: Why was Trump repeatedly trying to interrupt a federal investigation?

Let’s face it, whether Mueller’s investigation revealed it or not, Trump is guilty. Who knows if the truth will ever come out, but at the very least, the report definitely gave more reason to investigate.

Trump’s conduct is poor and unjust, and one can only hope that his time in office is either cut short or that he keeps from doing severe damage before 2020.