The Man Behind the Mask: The Billy Bear Conspiracy


"Not" Billy the Bear, Bear Expert

Billy the Bear is the beloved mascot of William Paterson University, father of three, happily married to Betty the bear. While most trust the integrity of Billy the Bear, some are skeptical. Some really wonder who, or what, is behind the mask.

According to a member of the cleaning staff that asked not to be named, when asked to remove the costume for cleaning, Billy the Bear vehemently refused to do so and disappeared from the scene soon after. This raises the question, “Why is Billy the Bear so afraid to show the world who he is without the mask?” Billy the Bear supporters claim that his response was appropriate since according to the Billy the Bear rule book, he is not allowed to take off the mask when others are around. However, when asked to produce a copy of the rule book, supporters claimed that only Billy the Bear and the president of William Paterson himself are permitted to view it.

People have hypothesized that Billy the Bear is actually the president, Richard J. Helldobler, but that claim was shot down quickly do to them being in the same room together multiple times. In response, some have speculated that there are actually two Billy the Bears, although there is no proof backing this claim.

Others claim to have actually seen Billy the Bear without his mask. One student, Mary Joanna, senior, said that while they were hiking in the High Mountain Preserve Park, they saw Billy the Bear remove the mask only for there to be a real grizzly bear inside. “It was insane, I used to be a Billy Bear supporter, but now I know the truth. I may have been under the influence, but I know what I saw and I encourage others to find out for themselves.”

Another student claims that Billy the Bear is not furry… but more scaley in nature. “I’ve been called crazy my whole life, but I’ve seen them,” said Randy Loco. “The lizard people are real and are controlling our government right now. They’re even controlling our school. I know Billy the Bear is one of them.” Loco continued to explain how the bear suit is necessary to keep him warm since he is cold-blooded.

The final, and most popular, theory is that Billy the Bear is William Paterson himself. William Paterson supposedly died from injuries in a “coach accident” in 1806 but some are skeptical. Members of the Billy Bear Conspiracy Board claim that he may have been abducted by vampires at the time, resulting in his immortality. They claim that even though he cannot reveal his identity, he wants to keep a close watch over William Paterson University.

President of the board, Alex Polar, said, “It makes sense once you think about it. If I was immortal I also would stick around a college named after me. The mascot suit is the perfect place to hide and it would protect him from the sunlight.” Finally Polar invited students to join the board, “we encourage others to seek the truth, and being part of the Billy Bear Conspiracy Board looks good on any resume.”

Some believe these rumors are only prevalent due to Billy announcing that he is running for University President this September. “It’s all just slander. Billy rocks,” said Christie Dix, junior.