Grape Tortillas are the newest gourmet meal at the William Paterson food court

Courtesy of William Paterson food services

Courtesy of William Paterson food services

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William Paterson University food services provided students with the ultimate meal last week, grape tortillas. The food court like Billy Bear Grill, Simply Logo and The Wingery have a reputation of high quality delicious food.

“Our dinning team came to me and said they wanted go beyond serving the usual,” said Rob Draw general manager of the food services. “I couldn’t have been happier my employees wanted to challenge themselves by making the grape tortillas.”

Despite not knowing if the grape tortillas would be a hit on campus, the food service team took on the challenge. The day of the grape tortillas began like any other day on campus. During common hour students made their way to the student center for either food or activities. As people entered the student center they noticed an unusual long line at Simply Logo.

By 1 p.m. the line at Simply Logo went down the food court dinning area to the end of the hall. Students and faculty made the line to order the grape tortillas. The grape tortillas were described by everyone as a fresh tender sweet delight.

“All of the food offered at William Paterson is simply amazing,” said Brandi Jones a freshman with a major in culinary studies. “But I think the grape tortillas give justice to the gourmet high-end food industry.”

The grape tortillas were so popular that Simply Logo had to stay opened until 10 p.m. two hours later then the original closing time. According to the dinning team they ran to the supermarket five times in a matter of eight hours. The following day the students took to Twitter to demand the recipe of the grape tortillas because they couldn’t find it online. Here is the recipe sent out by food services:

Grape Tortillas Recipe


-Tortillas from local food market

-Bunch of seedless grapes


-Cheese, onions, lettuce (add on)


Carefully open the tortillas bag to avoid tearing. Brush butter on the tortilla as if you were painting a canvas. Place the tortilla in the microwave for five minutes. Prepare the grapes and lettuce by washing and gently drying them. If you are adding cheese or onions, cut them thinly. Take the tortilla out the microwave and place toppings accordingly.

If you are going to make the grape tortillas at your home or dorm remember that no place can make them like William Paterson. Their culinary skills and tortillas expertise is what makes these one of a kind.

“The craziest part about all this is we don’t know how we can ever outdo ourselves again, “ said Vu Ray, executive chef. “The response we have received on the grape tortillas has been incredible. Students continue to ask if we are going to add it to the regular menu and we are strongly considering it.”

Students, you heard it here first! William Paterson may be the place where all your tortilla dreams come true. Until then enjoy all of the other delicious food options on campus, since you have plenty to choose from. Enjoy!