Totally Legit Sports Preview

Julia Rooz, Penguin Expert

With baseball season starting, it’s important to look at the potential that this year has for the New York Yankees. One would think that having a 100-win season last year would be considered a success, but after losing to the Red Sox in the ALDS , the season ended in heartbreak.  Just a note, Venus was in retrograde during the division series which could explain former flames reemerging. (The last time the Yankees and Red Sox met up in the post-season was in 2004).

This year the Yankees have their eyes on the prize: The World Series. The team has a lot of potential to get there this year. New players joining this season include DJ LeMahieu, a Cancer. As long as he has an emotional attachment to the game and the team, LeMahieu will excel. And with a .406 batting average so far, it looks like he is doing just that.

A great acquisition to the pitching lineup is James Paxton. He seems to be contributing to the team with his fastball pitching. However, he is a Scorpio and they do not trust people easily. Hopefully, that won’t get in the way of his success and he can start building good relationships with the rest of the team. Scorpios are very loyal once they get over their initial mistrust of people so he should eventually settle in with the team nicely.

Adam Ottavino is a fellow Scorpio pitcher who also signed to the Yankees this year. Perhaps he and Paxton will bond over the fact that they don’t trust anybody. They should, however, be able to bond with LeMahieu, given that they are all water signs.

Eyes will be on Clint Fraizer this season. Given that many players are injured, Fraizer has had an opportunity to shine. He has admitted he wants Brett Gardner’s job, as a permanent outfielder. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two Virgos. Both are prone to be perfectionists and outwardly critical and of themselves and other people so the competition will be fierce.

Aaron Judge is expected to have a good season. But he’s a Taurus so of course, he’s a reliable player on the team. Someone to look out for is Gary Sanchez. He was considered to be a top prospect but had a disappointing 2018 season riddled with injuries. However, he is Saggitarius and they often promise more than they can actually deliver.

Potential challenges for the team could happen when the season is well underway. In July, Mercury will enter in retrograde for three weeks. During this time, the team will have to focus on effectively communicating with each other. They should not make any major decisions and focus on themselves. Pluto will also be in retrograde for most of the regular season so it is likely that the team will look within themselves and reflect on the aspects they do not like.

Overall, the season looks to be full of possibilities for the New York Yankees. If they play to their strengths and follow the lead of their manager Aaron Boone (who has excellent intuition as a Pisces), they will back the title of World Series Champs.