Errol Spence, Mikey Garcia Fight Left Much To Be Desired

Anthony Baamode, Staff Writer

Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. clashed with the incredibly talented Mikey Garcia on March 16th, in Dallas, Texas. The fight was held on Fox Pay-Per View.

Garcia is a titleholder in four different weight classes, while Spence has been the IBF welterweight champion since his victory over Kell Brook in 2017. The fight came with a lot of mixed feelings, mostly due to the fact that Garcia was the smaller fighter. The two weighed almost the same, 146lbs. for Spence and 145lbs. for Garcia. The jump in weight Garcia had to make was concerning to some fans, and the size difference definitely showed.

The first few rounds of the fight were uneventful to say the least, however Garcia looked like he had the edge on Spence. The middle rounds are where Spence found his groove and gained confidence. Spence was landing combinations and power shots. However, his most effective punch was his jab, which threw Garcia off all night. Garcia is a predominantly inside fighter, and Spence took that away from him.

Towards the end of the fight Spence landed massive shots. Garcia, however, stood his ground and kept coming forward. The fight ended with a unanimous decision in favor of Spence. The fight was a landslide, Spence shutout Garcia. It was a little odd to see a fighter of Garcia’s caliber lose. He didn’t just lose though; he got dominated for the entire fight.

Although Spence was able to dominate Garcia for 12-rounds, he wasn’t able to knock him down, or even knock him out. So this raises a few interesting questions: Did this fight hurt Spence’s stock? And his he really the elite fighter we all thought?

To answer the first question, yes this fight absolutely hurt Spence. The fact that he wasn’t able to even hurt a smaller fighter is pathetic. He really should take a look at the rest of the fighters in the welterweight division and think twice about wanting to rule the division. Keith Thurman and Terence Crawford would destroy Spence in less than six-rounds. Now Spence wants a fight with former welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao which could be a problem for Spence.

Is Spence elite? No, not in the welterweight division at least. Maybe if he moved down a weight class, he would be a force to reckoned with. There’s way too much talent and power in the welterweight division than he can handle. Moving up to middleweight would also be a huge mistake. Two words: Canelo Alvarez.

What Garcia should do next is take the next few months off, go back to his natural weight class and challenge Vasyl Lomachenko, the unified lightweight champion and get his titles back.

Overall, the fight wasn’t boring. It was just extremely one-sided, and fans expected that. Very rarely does the smaller fighter win fight that isn’t in their natural weight class. Mikey Garcia is still an amazing fighter, he just made a management mistake.