Game of Thrones Withdrawal? Obsess Over Vikings


Ryan Doyle, Editor in Chief

The History Channel’s “Vikings” series just wrapped up the second part of the fourth season on a high note. With long-time rivals retreating and the heroes basking in their glorious victory over the English. The most recent season of Vikings may be the best one yet.

For all of you “Game of Thrones” fans, Vikings is the show for you. It has the unique character story lines, great setting and thrilling combat scenes.

(Vikings adopted AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season schedule. Splitting one season in half and taking a short break halfway through the season.)

At the start of this season, Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) returned from a mysterious absence. For almost a decade, Lothbrok left his kingdom in the hands of his wife, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and his four sons.

When Ragnar returns, he grooms his son Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen) to be his heir. Ragnar takes a small group of Vikings to England. Where he looks to take his final stand. During this journey, Ragnar teaches his son the way to be a leader. Even though Ivar suffers from a condition which leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

The end of this season has the Vikings returning to England for their final battle with the two English kings, Ecbert (Linus Roache) and Aelle (Ivan Kaye). No spoilers, but it is a bloody and action-packed few episodes.

Out of all of the new characters, Andersen’s performance stole the show. To make a character who cannot walk look so intimidating is impressive. Andersen made Ivar seem like a truly evil and heartless teenager. Fimmel, who portrays Ragnar, also put on a great performance. The emotional roller coaster that character took during this season was incredible and Fimmel didn’t miss a beat.


One of the casting misses during this season had to be Sigurd (David Lindstrom). Lindstrom didn’t look like a Viking. He looked like an outsider and although that may have been a small part of his character, his look took away from his performance. Overall, this show has done a great job casting. This one was just a plain miss.

Another one of the biggest issues with this season was the ending of the last episode. The final scene clearly hinted at a new antagonist, but it doesn’t do any favors. To be frank, it would have been better to give him the opening scene in the next season. Introduce him, have him do something horrible and then wait for the Vikings to take him out.

Throughout the series, there have been some tremendous battle scenes. However, this season was full of great ones. Both at Kattegat and in England, the battles were well shot and took the perfect amount of time.¬†When battle scenes appear, violence is going to follow. Violence was a major part of this season and everyone’s favorite torture technique, the “blood eagle” was featured yet again.

Are you missing Jon Snow and Tyrionn Lannister? Check out Vikings, it may soon become one of your favorite television shows.