Trump’s Fake Emergency Crisis


Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

Yes, he is at it again. As if Trump had not caused enough damage with the longest government shutdown in history, which spanned 35 days and caused thousands of government employees to go several weeks without pay, he is persistently pushing forward in his attempt to build the wall.

Since the outcome of the shutdown barely left him enough money to build even a quarter of it, he’s still scrambling to find a way to keep at least one promise from his 2016 presidential campaign.

After all, he has fallen short in giving his followers any of what was supposed to “Make America Great Again,” and perhaps he is well aware that continuous failure in his presidency could severely hurt his chances in winning a second term.

Citizens were furious and more than 250 rallies were held across the country to stop this ridiculous decree. It seems that everyone except Trump was well aware that this particular situation was not what the country would classify as an emergency. Even members of Congress got involved, with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley speaking against Trump’s attempt to bypass Congress in order to get the $8 billion in funds required to create the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The agreement that the Democrats and Republicans scrambled together added up to $1.37 million, which only provided for a few pesky borders rather than the actual solid parts of Trump’s wall.

As a result of his frustration, Trump declared a national emergency, which creates a whole new set of problems for the government. It adds onto a long list of made-up problems that Trump has used in order to gain trust, except this time his unethical ways of attempting to elicit results is spilling a can of worms the government must now clean up. It is as if a child is throwing a fit, banging his fists and demanding to get his way, even if it is completely out of reason.

But people have had enough, and with everything Trump put families through during border separations, patience is running thin and concern is rising for just how far he is willing to go in order to build a wall that, truthfully, we do not need.

There have even been several lawsuits against Trump made by various groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, in addition to a suit filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

The actual press conference held by Trump to announce the emergency seemed to be a joke, and the spoof done by “Saturday Night Live” was just about as accurate as the real event. He continued to claim that an overflow of illegal immigrants, drugs and various other things were coming into our country.

He has tried time and time again to convince the public that the wall is a symbol of our country’s power, that the only way to make things better is taking this extreme measure. Trump will never admit it, but he has failed miserably in his first two years as president. If he actually wants to do something to help this country, his emergency declarations should stick to the real problems going on in this country, not things to fill his own selfish desires and broken promises.