Syfy Revisits the 80’s with “Deadly Class”

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Lismery Luna, Contributing Writer

“Welcome to King’s Dominion.”

On January 16, the TV channel Syfy released a new show called “Deadly Class.” The show is set in San Fransisco during the late 1980s.

“Deadly Class” is produced by executive producers Joe and Anthony Russo, and based on the comic created by Rick Remender and drawn by Wesley Craig.

The show makes references to the ’80s through clothes, music styles and phrases. Bands like Depeche Mode, Descendents and The Cure are mentioned in the show along with their songs.

However, the ’80s and set are background components to the main plot: a coming of age story set during a time of political and social upheaval.

Nevertheless, the show gathered attention by posting the pilot episode weeks before it officially premiered on the Syfy channel’s YouTube page.

The show used social media to its advantage and gave it major buzz before it began. This kept audiences interested because it gave them a taste of what to expect from the show.

The plot centers around an orphan named Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) living on the streets of San Francisco who is taken in by Master Lin (Benedict Wong) to a school of deadly assassins.

From there, Maria (Maria Gabriela de Fara), Billy (Liam James), Willie ( Luke Tenie), Saya (Lana Condor), Chico (Michel Duval) and Brandy (Siobhan Williams) show Marcus the rules to survive King’s Dominion.

“Deadly Class” keeps audiences at the edge of their seats, waiting for more to happen after each episode because of its fast pace and high energy action sequences.

The concept of comics is an important aspect of the show. Most TV shows or movies based on novels or other art forms aren’t exact interpretations because they rearrange or take out certain parts due to time.

Yet, this is what makes “Deadly Class” special and entertaining. It features comic strips as part of the story, which doubles as part of the plot.  This allows audiences to experience a direct interpretation of the original comic book.

The show introduces the emotions of each character and why they act in a certain manner. It allows its characters to shine with each episode and lets the characters be the people audiences want to keep watching.

The show focuses on a different topic throughout the season and viewers learn what makes characters tick. The emotional attachments Marcus, Saya, Maria, Billy, Willie, Chico and Brandy have for each other lets the audience see the reason why they need each other to survive King’s Dominion.

Again, the reliability each character has and the sense of wanting to belong are major components of the plot.

“Deadly Class” brings a whole new generation of viewers to the forefront of comics and audiences are already begging for details on a second season.