Brave New Radio Brings Valentine’s Day to the Multipurpose Room with “Shout Out Ya Boo Thang or Shred an Ex” Event


Tara Crawford

Erika (left) and Bree (right), hosts at Brave New Radio’s Valentine’s Day event.

Olivia Biel , Contributing Writer

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day as Brave New Radio live-broadcasted students’ shout-outs to their “boo thangs” and shredded ex-lovers for the annual event’s third year.

“Boo thangs” ranged from participants’ other halves and friends to moms and dogs. “Exes” were brought in via photograph or named on pieces of paper provided by the radio station and fed to a paper shredder.

“Just wanna give a shoutout to my sisters at Theta Phi Alpha,” a sorority sister said. “I love you so much. You guys mean so much to me.”

One surprise shout-out went to an ex who made an unusual love-life decision.

“I want to give a shout-out to my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me a week after Valentine’s Day to date a married 50-year-old guy,” the student said.

Hosts DJ Schills and Bree Tee discussed everything from opinions on Valentine’s Day to relationships, exes, love songs, Valentine’s Day plans and pop-culture couples.

They also sold baked goods, including homemade chocolate chip cookies and poop emoji cupcakes with toothpick flags reading “love stinks,” to raise money for the station. The first 24 participants in the event were given a free cupcake, courtesy the one and only DJ Nix.

Alyssa Mattia
Courtesy of Alyssa Mattia, Brave New Radio

As DJ Nix pumped life into the Multipurpose Room, students munched on food, dipped marshmallows into a chocolate fountain, gifted roses and created personalized candy bags all provided by the Athletic Training Club. The Student Activities Programming Board also worked with Brave New Radio by selling chocolate boxes to raise money for Oasis, a women and children’s shelter.

“I love the vibes. It’s very social,” said Kevin, a junior at the event. “You can tell everyone’s having a good time.”

Other students declared the food and the music as their favorite parts of the event.

The collaboration with the two clubs and the use of the Multipurpose Room was a first for the event, which usually takes place in the Hobart Hall lobby. Students can thank production director Imani Brown for that.

“I enjoyed the idea of bringing something new to something old,” she said. “It’s exciting to see that turn out to be so successful.”

The move to the Student Center brought a newer, broader audience Valentine’s Day tradition.

“It really helps get our brand out there,” said Sebastian “Seabass” Escobar, Brave New Radio’s station manager. “It lets people outside Hobart Hall know who we are and what we do.”

Escobar joined the Valentine’s Day fun by shredding not only an ex, but the entire year of 2016.

Near the end of the event, a raffle determined the three lucky winners of two big teddy bears and a large, heart-shaped box of chocolates. One winner was particularly happy about her victory.

“It feels amazing,” said marketing major Kim, smiling as she hugged the fluffy brown bear. “On a scale of one to ten, it feels eleven, if I can say eleven.”