Ralph Breaks the Internet and our Hearts


courtesy of geekculture.co

Julianne Kearns, Staff Writer

In the ever-changing film industry, Disney is growing and evolving its movies with their audience. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a perfect example of these new-found existentialist motifs.

Disney has brought back a band of beloved characters for round two in “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” the sequel to the 2012 “Wreck it Ralph” film.

This time around, we see the infamous characters from the first film on a whole new set of adventures. Following Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, and all of their fellow arcade friends, we see a new world open up to them when they are introduced to one of today’s most important features, Wifi.

After a mishap causes problems for the old game, Ralph and Vanellope set off to track down the necessary part for restoration. In order to do this, they must brave a brand new frontier, the internet. This opens the door to possibilities they never could have imagined, one that expands for beyond the old machines within Litwak’s arcade. Here, we see them travel around the web, with cameos from some of the most popular cites around. Top-tier social media platforms make sneaky cameos as our characters travel on their quest.

As the characters are braving the internet for the very first time, Disney had to create their own interpretation of how this world connects to its users. They displayed an exciting, fast paced environment with a fairly accurate representation of what one would imagine a physical representation of the internet being. With users represented as little characters wandering around the websites and apps as if they are stores, gazing in awe of the world they are traveling in, one with everything they could possibly imagine.

The film brought many great cameos, including the appearance of popular internet star College Ballinger, better known as Miranda Sings. In addition, a Stan lee character made a split second appearance in the film.

By far, one of the greatest additions to the film was the gathering of the Disney princesses, whom Vanellope stumbles upon as she discovers the internet world of Disney. This united 14 different princess from beloved Disney films and included the talents of voices such as Mandy Moore, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and the legendary Jodi Benson. They change into some loungewear tp vent about their common princess problems. This provides some of the most memorable scenes from the film.

With all of the excitement, the fast pace of the film and the gathering of some of Disneys’ most beloved characters, the main theme at the center of the film is the power of friendship, and just what one will do for the happiness of someone they love. Ralph learns over the course of the film that sometimes, you must let the people you love move onto bigger things, even if that means they must do it without you. True friendship is an endless power that neither time nor distance can change.

In all Disney films, whether it be an original or a sequel, the audience walks away having learned something new, a lesson that they can carry with them even after the credits roll. It is something that Disney has done for many years and surely will continue to do.