A Christmas Prince: We Love to Hate A Cheesy Rom-Com



Yulliet Ruiz, News Editor

As the holiday season approaches, Netflix is rolling out Christmas movies, à la Hallmark style. However, the movie that takes the cake is “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.”

As noted in the title, it is the sequel to “A Christmas Prince,” the 2017 pop-culture hit. The first movie hit upon every rom-com trope in the book. A career-driven clumsy girl? Check. Cheesy dialogue? Check. More plot holes you can count? Super check. Somehow, the follow-up is better and worse than its predecessor. It features superb dialogue such as “Finding the perfect tree is like finding the perfect man. It takes time.” (What does that even mean?)

First off, the title of the movie itself misleading. The sequel follows Amber, played by Rose McIver, and her new now-king fiancé Richard, played by Ben Lamb, as they get ready for their royal wedding. But along the way, they run into some troubles. The king’s, new modernization incentives for their country of Aldovia is leaving the kingdom broke and Amber is having trouble fitting into her new royal life. Trouble ensues and it leaves the viewer wondering if the wedding will actually happen.

The whole movie reads like a bad Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fanfiction. However, this time, the chemistry between the royalty and royalty-to-be is barely there. In fact, there’s a better spark between two secondary characters than the main ones. The whole movie leaves one wondering if Amber and Richard should even be getting married. Let’s ignore the fact that they got engaged within weeks of knowing each other. Shouldn’t a whirlwind romance have a little bit more… romance?

Something that would be remiss if not mentioned is the ridiculous amount of plot holes this movie has. Every second has the viewer wondering, “Did anyone look over this script? Was this movie generated by a computer? Why is no one solving these problems with the obvious solution?”  At one point, the king can’t figure out why the country is losing money. But instead of looking into it, he just pouts and just wonders out loud why his plan isn’t working.

No spoilers but the movie ends the way every cheesy made-for-tv romance movie predictably do. Of course, this only adds to the hard to resist hate-watching appeal the movie has.

All in all, this movie is frustrating, cringe-worthy, and eye-roll inducing. However, if given the choice, watch it, at least for the humor. At the end of the day, it is a heart-warming Christmas movie that provides some laughs, even if they aren’t on purpose.