Ariana Grande’s Break Up Song Changes The Game


Nicole Ventura, Staff Writer

Ariana Grande has released a new break up song that is ultimately nothing like your “typical” break up song.

After a tough month, which involved the sudden death of her long-time ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, Grande decided to split from now ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson.

The engagement to Davidson came just weeks after her previous break up with Mac Miller and ended after a whirlwind romance that spanned the length of 4 months and sparked many rumors about Grande’s love life.

Break up songs are common and all share similar stories. However, Ariana Grande’s latest hit, “Thank U, Next,” is unlike the angsty, sad songs we are familiar with from other pop artists.

The Weekend’s song “Call Out My Name” begs for his ex to stay, even though she does not want to. Selena Gomez’s song “Back to You” details how she’d go back to her ex because her love is so strong, despite how many times she’s been hurt.

Grande instead takes a positive turn on an otherwise sad situation. She opens the song by mentioning her most notable exes, and, you guessed it, thanking them.

“One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain, and now I’m so amazing,” Grande sings. The song treats lost loves like necessary milestones rather than tragedies.

Grande’s hit quickly became a female empowerment anthem and an honest reminder that, although romantic relationships may come to an end, the most important relationship is the one with yourself. She successfully tells the story of how she’s decided to fall in love with herself and shows that her past relationships only taught her lessons and helped her grow as a person.

Ariana Grande helped those suffering from failed relationships realize that they do not need a significant other to keep on going.

It takes a hopeful view of the future, not just despite past relationships, but because of them.

In other words: thank you, next.