Disturbed’s ‘Evolution’ didn’t evolve

courtesy of entertainment.desktopnexus.com

courtesy of entertainment.desktopnexus.com

Anthony Baamonde , Staff Writer

On Oct. 19, 2018, the heavy metal band, Disturbed released their seventh studio album, ‘Evolution.’   The seven song album comes three years after their last album, ‘Immortalized.’ ‘Evolution’ has a mix of both ballads and heavy tracks. Disturbed is known for their heavy metal sound blended with ballads. However, we got something completely different.

A few months before the band recorded the album, they asked their fans on Facebook what they wanted to hear, an album that was heavy or soft. As expected, fans voted for heavy. Unfortunately, fans received an album full of ballads and a measly three brutal songs. This is especially disappointing because Disturbed’s music is expected to be heavy and fast, not slow and sad.

Devastatingly, this album does not live up to its expectations.While the ballads are good in their own respect, Disturbed’s music is meant to excited the audience, not make them cry.

Thankfully, the heavier tracks are outstanding. Each song has their own identity and never sounds like the last. These fun tracks are what makes the band renowned.  The top ranking is “The Best Ones Lie.” This song is intense and a perfect addition to any workout playlist. A similar track is “No More.”

While a rock ballad is a powerful theme on its own, the issue comes with the band asking fans for feedback and not following through. Fans are ticked that the advice and contrastive criticism they provided as throughly ignored. However, these ballads are immensely heartfelt. The track that sticks out is “Already Gone,” which was written by the lead singer, David Draiman, about his girlfriend who committed suicide a few years ago. The emotion in Draiman’s voice is moving and compelling. He has written songs about this traumatizing experience in past songs , including “Inside the Fire,” off of their 2008 album, “Indestructible.”

Overall, the album is bland and it’s not stellar. Fans who have been listening to Disturbed for years, will be disturbed by the lack of their infamous heavy sound. New listeners who have to prior expectations might enjoy the album. However, past albums like “Ten Thousand Fists” and “Asylum” will remain top tier, especially in comparison to “Evolution.”

While the whole album is not recommendable, there are a few shining songs. Unfortunately, the album does not have the typical sound that reminds fans of Disturbed. Longtime fans might have to continue to have Disturbed’s past discography on repeat.