Is Technology Destroying a Generation?

Is Technology Destroying a Generation?

Julianne Kearns, Contributing Writer

Technology is both a blessing and a curse in today’s modern age. We have a plethora of reasons to be grateful for it, and it has assisted in moving our society along in ways that at one time seemed inconceivable. But is it more trouble than it’s worth? Is the damage brought about by the constant blaze from our surrounding screens working against today’s youth?

There is no doubt that technology plays a greater role in society than it did 20 years ago. No matter where you turn, it surrounds you. Billboards, receipts, grocery runs, online shopping, it seems that even the simplest of tasks are receiving a digital alternative.

While these options can be a fantastic alternative when we are traveling a distance, or perhaps stuck because of poor weather conditions, they are also working against the population whether we are aware of it or not.

It is stripping people of an element the soul craves, human interaction. As we continuously give in to options that allow us to remain on our couch instead of going out into the world, we are taking away the time we once spent connecting with other members of society.

Our socials skills are suffering due to this phenomenon. The increased use of technology has been proven to affect sustainable eye contact, adequate phone skills, conversational abilities, and even attention span. The lack of these aspects  in the generation coming of age in the world is startling.

They posses a weaker ability with face to face interactions, and there will be more of a struggle in areas such as holding a quality conversation and understanding social cues – that will work against them in the years ahead.

While they may be wizards on social media and have no problem accessing information on the web, they will find themselves feeling more flustered and anxious when put into realistic situations, ones where the are unable to hide behind a screen to get them by.

The saddest part is that a majority of the population will not remember a time before technology collided with us at every turn. Children will not know how to soothe themselves unless an Ipad is put in front of them. No one will hear the sound of laughter in their backyards as kids play with their friends, rather they will fill their ears with the latest app and contact their friends through dm’s. No longer will they complain about heavy backpacks, lugging them home in the afternoon while they trudge through the, everything is now online. Students are used to an education that utilizes technology, and that is the form of learning they will grow up knowing.

While technology is an incredible innovation that has changed life as we once knew it, it has caused irreversible damage that we can not take back. It aids in kids procrastination in terms of school work, distracting them from an important study session or s project that needs to be done, up until the last minute when they suddenly find themselves rushing to complete an assignment after they have wasted their time away. Instead of spending time with the people they love, they do it from a glowing screen into the late hours of the night.

While modern technology is incredible, it is constantly working against the coming generations. While people may believe the world is better because of this, it is making us half the people we used to be.