Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

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Anthony Baamonde, Staff Writer

With Halloween a week away, it is the perfect time to discuss the top five horror movies that will  accelerate your heart rate this season. Get your popcorn ready to watch the films that are considered horror royalty. Let’s get started!

5. “Phantom of the Opera” (1925)

This film is one of the first Universal horror movies, outside of their famed monsters. Lon Chaney Sr., who directed the film and played the Phantom, brings this iconic movie to life in a terrifying way. The Phantom’s makeup was also done by Chaney which was a normal task for actors to do back then. Chaney made himself a household name thanks to his performance in Phantom of the Opera. The studio in which the film was made was the oldest standing set in Hollywood history at the time. However, Universal tore down the studio to make room for Harry Potter World.

4. “The Omen” (1976)

This is one of the leading satanic possession films ever. The stand-out scene in the movie is when the Thorn family drives up to a church and their son, Damien, starts to lose it. This is when the fun begins, and his parents realize that something is not ordinary with their son. There were a few sequels, which fell flat in comparison. The 2006 remake by director John Moore was the best of the bunch. However, the original takes the cake. Its slow build up and eerie vibe make it a must watch.

3. “Halloween” (1978)

For many children, “Halloween” is their first experience with the horror genre. Michael Myers is the ultimate horror movie antagonist. He can not be killed, he carries the butcher knife and wears a disturbing white mask. It is the perfect formula for a traumatizing movie. As expected, this movie had its sequels, which are enjoyable on a nostalgic level. The incredible 2007 remake was directed Rob Zombie and had the tagline, “The face behind the mask.” This remake also had a sequel, which was disappointing all around. This year there will be another installment, featuring the renowned Jamie Lee Curtis.

2. The Exorcist (1973)

This movie has been deemed as the “Scariest Movie Ever,” by horror fans, and for very good reason. The film is based on the book by William Peter Blatty, which Blatty based on a real life exorcism that he witnessed. The movie was so disturbing that viewers fainted in the theaters when it premiered. This is a movie that will never be topped, even after 45 years. Nothing can come close to the creepy reputation that “The Exorcist” has.

1. Frankenstein (1931)

When horror is brought up, a scene that comes to mind is from “Frankenstine” where Boris Karloff is slowly creeping out of the doorway and turns around to reveal the monster that made him famous. This is the ultimate horror movie. This movie was so terrifying that the producer, Carl Laemmle, added a 30 second warning before the movie began. The film had to be re-released, because of two very controversial scenes. First, a scene where Dr. Frankenstein compares himself to God. Second, a scene where the monster throws a little girl in a lake and kills her. This movie was based on Mary Shelley’s infamous book, “Frankenstein” which is considered the first science fiction book ever written. From the beginning this story has made milestones and proves to naysayers how influential horror can be.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and learned a little something about horror too. Don’t be too scared, they’re only movies.