Gunna and Lil Baby Collaborate on ‘Drip Harder’

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Gregory Shepherd, Contributing Writer

After a continuous array of solid releases in the early quarters of 2018, the higher power of hip-hop satisfied the prayers of fans with a collaboration project from the growing young stars, Lil Baby and Gunna.

The rappers both come from the trap inspired haven of Atlanta, Georgia which in turn, resulted in collaboration. Sergio Kitchens, known as Gunna, was introduced into the rap industry through rapper Young Thug, who he later developed a friendship with.

This new found relationship would lead to the creation of “Floyd Mayweather,” a song from Young Thug’s 2016 album “JEFFREY.” As they became closer, Gunna eventually signed onto Thug’s label YSL. This upbringing was similar for Lil Baby, having a friendship with Young Thug and deriving some of his sound from Young Thug as well. Mutual relationships with Young Thug birthed some collaborations between Lil Baby and Gunna.

Starting with the release of Gunna’s song “Oh Okay” off his “Drip Season 3” album and leading to the single “Sold Out Dates,” the duo started to gain some traction. After these solid releases, the demand for a collaboration project grew and was cemented after the duo dropped the single “Drip Too Hard” for their long awaited album “Drip Harder.”

Off the album art, it is evident that there is a correlation between “Drip Harder” and the collaboration of “Super Slimey” by Atlanta legends Future and Young Thug. Under the assumption of many, “Super Slimey” acts as the parent album to the Gunna and Lil Baby collaboration. Lil Baby portrays Future as Gunna represents Young Thug each rapping about much of the same content.

This thirteen song album is filled top to bottom with tracks embodying the epitome luxury from a rapper’s perspective, starting with the track “Off White VLONE.” “Drip Harder” didn’t fail to seamlessly blend the rappers styles and even more impressively built off each other’s sound. This really shows on the Turbo produced song “Belly” when Gunna sets the tone with his rhythmic flow and transfers to Lil Baby’s verse maintaining that same energy and even more so builds off Gunna’s contribution creating a great start to the album. This energy seems to go in a direction of melody and reflection within the mid-section of the album in songs like “Underdog,” “I Am” and “My Jeans” featuring Young Thug. Towards the conclusion of the album, the energy quickly heightens with the hit “Drip Too Hard” and the Drake featured track “Never Recover” including a Tay Keith co-sign in production.

With projections of $120,000 in first week sales, the project did what was expected profit wise, but even more so musically. The duo yet again tapped into exactly what the youth wants to hear. They were able to find an unbeatable formula in the creation of their songs and have yet to create a song that failed to the ears of trap music fans and “Drip Harder” further confirmed that. Because of this another installment of “Drip Harder” is entirely possible from the leaders of the new age of trap.