Willy P Celebrates Family Day


Giannelli Gaspar, Contributing Writer

The community of William Paterson University was both happy and eager for Homecoming and family day’s activities, with both new and old people attending the event. This event had a bunch of activities from the tailgate, to the pioneer carnival, to the WP brick celebration.

Although the weather was rainy and somewhat chilly outside, there were many smiles and moments that the WP community was able to enjoy

The Pioneer carnival was an event in which both families and students were able to attend. Participants received food, enjoyed games, and were able to talk to some people in the stands.

Students said that Homecoming is not only about how the event happens but how it unites them together as a family. Volunteers from hospitality services said, “It feels like the students are much more united, especially towards the football game due to having a victory against MSU, [which] happened 2 years ago.”

The Associate Dean of the Arts and Communication Department, Loretta McClaughlin-Vigneir said, “New students get to be a part of the spark in William Paterson, while the returning alumni get to remember WP spark. It brings both the new and old to be a part of the community”.

Although most the events were enjoyable there were some not-so-enjoyable moments. Some students had disagreed with the time being too early and didn’t like how the tailgate didn’t have a lot of space.

Besides the Pioneer carnival, there were some alumni that were able to celebrate the newest legacy of bricks on campus.

“William Paterson not only helped me create friendships but also create lifetime bonds,” said Stephen Hutnik, who had attended William Paterson from 1970 to 1974, who was also a part of the veteran association.

Yvette and Ron Gutkin, who had attended in 1963 to 1967, said that William Paterson had changed so much.

“Before there would be at least a thousand students attending, but now it’s tripled or quadrupled in students,” said Yvette Gutkin, who was a corresponding secretary for the SGA and part of the Beacon

“If you need advice about school, don’t ask me,” Ron Gutkin, who was a part of the fencing team, jokingly said.

William Paterson University’s Homecoming and family day gave a lotĀ of families, students, staff, and alumni the opportunity to come back on campus and remember the true meaning of Pioneer pride, and how the community is always going to be filled with open arms for both new and old generations.