Students Get Schooled at Annual Major and Minors Fair

Professors give students face-to-face advice for their futures.

Christopher Molina, Staff Writer



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For the many students who are confused about what their major or minor should be, William Paterson has got you covered.

The Advisement Center helped orchestrate the annual Major and Minors Fair, held in The Ballroom on Sept. 27. Professors from various types of majors attended to answer any questions or concerns from students.

The event was anything but serious: students and professors enjoyed the interaction with one another, which set the atmosphere for a creative and fun experience.

“This is very interesting, it encourages me to like do more like picking a major and see what I want to be,” said freshman Terrance Miguel.

Much of the event that took place was thanks to the Advisement Center, who has held the event every year in the fall for over ten years. The Advisement Center considers it an influential event for the students.

“An event like this enables our students to meet one-on-one with faculty members from that department and get questions they got about majors, so that they can make that decision to declare it upon finishing their first academic year,” said Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator Caesar Castro.

Students were able to have face-to-face discussions with professors and see in-depth into the majors and what they can offer.

“It’s better to have face-to-face talk than trying to look for it online because you get to talk more about whatever it is you might be interested in,” said freshman Dasha Marez.

Many questions were asked by the students regarding the majors and what they can get out of them, including jobs and salaries.

Unfortunately, students sometimes choose a career that doesn’t interest them only for the money.

“Pick a major based on what interests you and what you are good at and not based on what job you’ll eventually get,” said sociology professor Jacob Felson. “Students generally think that there is a strong link between a major and a job which generally isn’t true.”

Not only did the students enjoy the fair, but many of the professors had a great time talking to students. Some professors felt that it wasn’t for the event, they wouldn’t be able to help them.

“The big advantage of Major and Minors Fair is that I could talk to a student’s face-to-face and the students can ask me some specific questions. Sometimes the questions are so simple and I just have to guide and give them a flyer or answer a simple question and that helps to reduce the stress,” biology professor Miryam Wahrman said.

She added that engagement with professor “enables the student to figure out much more quickly what they need to do to get into the major or to succeed into a major.”

Many of the people who attended enjoyed the friendly and fun environment, much of which was credited to the students.

“The face-to-face experience is very valuable, and I like it too because I get to meet these students who are also full of energy and enthusiasm, so it’s a pleasure for me,” Wahrman said.

For more information regarding majors and minors, academic advisors, faculty and academic success offices are available to assist.