Democratic and Republican Parties Seek Control of the Government in This Years Midterm Elections

Julianne Kearns, Contributing Writer

The stakes are high in this year’s midterm elections, with both the Democratic and Republican parties seeking to gain control within the government. Those Democrats who habitually hide from the voting booths are coming out in an attempt to protect our country from the greedy selfish hands of the Republican party, something this country desperately needs. The most frightening thought is that if the Republicans are in fact successful in the upcoming midterm elections this November, it could mean taking action to enact policies that will have very negative effects. The Democratic candidates are much more open whilst the followers of our president continue to side with him. If the Democrats manage to succeed, it may just bring the fresh perspective that we need.

As November 6th looms near, we are forced to look closer at the different possible outcomes. 35 seats are up in the Senate, and 435 in the U.S Congress. With so much at stake, each party is eager to gain as much as possible in the elections. Many Americans are keeping their fingers crossed that if we’re lucky, Trump will lose some of his pull when all is said and done. The Republican party has been loyal to him, but hopefully, the people will see through his charades. As for the Democratic Party, ┬áthe out of the box candidates that they have brought in are proving to be successful. A Democratic socialist came out on top against a house leader in New York. In Nebraska, a swing state, a progressive managed to beat a congressman. A liberal received the Democratic nomination for governor in Georgia and has a strong chance leading into the fall race. The candidates the Democrats are bringing forward may not be what we are used to, but maybe that is a good thing. They have the opportunity to breathe new life into the country both from within places in the house and the states.

While the Democrats may be finding success in their unique approach that seems to appeal to the people, the Republicans are having a hard time gaining trust following the damage previous acts have caused. People are still angry over Trump’s immigration laws that heartbreakingly separated families. The policy was absolutely despicable, and coming back from it’s hard enough, but has also stacked the odds against them. Should we really put our trust into a party who candidates supported abortion bills that place a timeline on when a decision as crucial as this one is allowed to be made? Take whatever stance you may on the subject, but we should all agree that it is not a decision that lies in the hands of anyone else but the patient who considers it.

The candidates of the Democratic party are making history, with more woman nominated in 2018 than ever before. A transgender candidate nominated in Vermont, Muslim and Native American women who will become the first ever elected into Congress are breaking down barriers and inspiring generations to come. Meanwhile, the Republican party has a lack, even decrease, of diversity among their candidates. Many of the Democratic candidates are in support of acts such as Medicare-for-all, something that would truly benefit this country.

It is our duty as citizens of the United States to ensure that our country is in good hands. We want to promote a future in which we can thrive, not one that we will grow to fear. Come November, everyone should keep their finger crossed that the Democrats come out on top.