Horseback Riding becomes affordable at WPU


Courtesy of WPU Equestrian team IG

Christie Dix, Staff Writer

Attending William Paterson University gives students a platform to participate in many activities they may not have had the opportunity to participate in before. In the case of the Equestrian Club, this is especially so.

The equestrian club, which had their first meeting Nov. 13  during common hour, allows students interested in horseback riding the possibility to learn to ride at a highly discounted rate: $750 for a full season of training. Training to ride horses is known for its steep price tag.

“I was spending about $2,000 a month when I was riding,” says a prospective new member, Lisha, 24, senior.

The payment can be split in half, giving students until October 31st to save up the cash. Students who have paid their dues have a choice to learn English style or Western style riding. According to Mountain Creek Stable’s website, English style riding descends from the horseback training used in Western Europe’s military cavalries. It is focused on precision and the horse’s complete obedience to the rider.

Western-style riding originates in the Americas, and descends from techniques passed from the Native Americans to the European colonists. They were useful for farming and cattle ranching. This is the style associated with high speeds, quick maneuvers and cowboy hats. Ambitious students have the opportunity to learn both. For students who love horses, this is the chance of a lifetime.

As prospective member Danielle, 19, freshman, notes, “I felt like horseback riding was never a realistic option for me because of the money, but now I get to do something I’ve always wanted to do, while meeting people that feel the same way.”

The club even offers an option for students who wish to learn how to care for horses and get a feel for the horse riding culture and environment for $150 for the season. The equestrian team practices at the New Jersey Equestrian Center in Pompton Planes, NJ, less than 15 minutes from campus. Megan Somsky, the club’s president, is very happy to lead this close group of students.

“Honestly, for me the equestrian team has really made my college experience, and I know everyone on the team would agree.”

Megan can be contacted for further information about the club at her email: [email protected]