Importance of Cartooning

Cartooning. How important is it? Well, to me, it’s very important because without it, our world would be a very bland place. Cartooning could involve humor, social commentary, or politics and thus as an art form, cartooning, I believe, needs to be respected.

To take pencils and pens to a blank piece of paper, the possibilities are endless. Humor in cartooning for instance allows the artist to tackle or poke fun of many subjects such as everyday life, sports, nature, or even one’s childhood.  Using humor, artists can bring awareness to serious social issues.

When you read a comic strip, there is no doubting the immense amount of humor  but you could also find elements that not only give you laughter but can also be a tearjerker. The other thing about reading a comic strip is you end up with a lot to reflect on. Using social commentary, which can sometimes parallel the artist’s life and experience , cartoonist can tackle a variety of subject matter.  In comics like Calvin and Hobbes, where the characters talk about what goes on in the world, can then become a source of world wide awareness.

Politics and cartooning go together like bagels and cream cheese. I say this due to the fact that cartoonists tend to make a lot of jokes within the political field. There is no question that political issues have always been the subject of humor.

Once there was a time that cartooning was just something that would amuse a child. But today, due to it’s diverse subjects and layers, it is now a form of art that has a place in the world. Enjoyed and admired by all ages, cartooning is really a format that is creative, malleable, and sophisticated. To conclude, cartooning is an important art and will continue to thrive.