‘Spider-Man’ Does Whatever A Spider Can on PlayStation 4


courtesy of louderwithcrowder.com

Anthony Baamonde, Staff Writer

The PlayStation 4 has been killing it this year with its exclusives. In April, gamers got “God of War,” which will most likely be nominated for Game of the Year. “MLB The Show 18” was released in March and on Sept. 7, “Spider-Man” was released by “Insomniac Games.”

“Spider-Man” on PS4 made me realize why I love him so much. There have been many Spider-Man games in the past, the most well known is “Spider-Man 2” on PlayStation 2. The PS4 version takes everything great about that game and multiplies it by ten million. It’s fast, it’s fun and it makes you feel like the Wall Crawler.

As of Sept. 14, I’m 80 percent complete with the game and it is upsetting to be done. The story is fantastic, although nothing will be spoiled. Essentially, Spider-Man is dealing with the break up of his now ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, all while trying to defeat his most famous enemies: Rhino, Electro and Vulture to name a few. But the story never feels stale or falls flat, it remains solid and refreshing every cutscene.

The voice acting and graphics are incredible. “Insomniac Games” nailed the look and feel of New York City, while hiding a few easter eggs scattered around the city. The dialogue between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is well done, and you can feel how much they miss each other even though they’ve broken up.

This game’s selling point is its controls. I find that I’m swinging around the city and fighting crime more than completing actual story missions. This is great because it is an extra feature to do. Everything is smooth and the combat is so much fun, especially dodging enemy attacks with your Spider-Sense.

Another thing that makes this game top notch is the upgrading system and gadgets you acquire as you progress and level up. My favorite thing is collecting all of Spider-Man’s suits. There are 28 suits in all and each one has its own suit power which helps you in combat. You gain a weapon wheel once you start unlocking all of the gadgets, which can be upgraded to last longer and become more powerful.

Another great thing about the upgrading system is that it always feels fresh and makes you want to explore New York City to get each token that allows unlocks and upgrades. “Spider-Man” makes it easy to get each token. You can gain tokens from fighting crime throughout the city, collecting backpacks, turning on radio towers, completing side missions and taking down enemy hideouts.

I think the aspect this game excels at is its visuals. New York City looks beautiful on a PS4 Pro. You’ll be swinging through the city and not even realize you’re playing a video game, it’s that realistic. New York is packed with easter eggs too, like the firehouse from “Ghostbusters,” and the coffee shop from “Seinfeld.” Also, one of the buildings casts a reflection of the World Trade Center, which adds a sentimental element. Spider-Man can also go down to the street and interact with people, giving him a personality.

“Spider-Man” offers a lot, whether you’re just a video game fan or a Spider-Man pillow having person like me, I think you’ll enjoy it. This game has taken over my life, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I feel my inner child smiling, I’ve always wanted to be Spider-Man. Now I can, and so can you. Game on friends!