Sacha Baron Cohen allows us to laugh at our chilling political climate

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Nicole Casal, Entertainment Editor

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new seven-episode Showtime series, “Who is America?” premiered July 15, 2018. The final episode was released August 26.

In his infamous mockumentary style, Cohen is disguised as six vastly different characters. 

Some of the most notable characters are Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello and Erran Morad. Cain-N’Degeocello is balding gender studies professor who is the epitome of the extreme left. He has two children named Harvey Milk and Malala. He is in an open relationship with his wife and a dolphin. 

Morad is an ex-Mossad agent of Israeli descent. He has the bone structure and wide-legged stride of a low-budget video game character. As a self-proclaimed anti-terror expert, Morad somehow makes politicians comfortable enough to trust him with their desire to arm preschools across America.  

Morad developed the “Kinderguardians” program. He describes this as arming the top students in elementary schools with firearms. Public figures who showed their support for this fake program include: former congressman Joe Walsh, Congressman Joe Wilson, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and former Senate majority leader Trent Lott. 

Although we are all watching for the vulgar punchlines and quotable one-liners we loved from “Borat”, there is a greater good we should be thanking Cohen for.

Cohen is almost effortlessly exposing these public figures for the twisted and evil people that they are. From wanting to arm children as young as four years old, applauding water-boarding your spouse and repeatedly yelling the N-word, all Cohen has to do is light a match and watch the fire engulf everything it touches. 

Nothing can be retracted as it is all on film. Cohen cannot be sued for defamation as the New York Times perfectly stated, “A person cannot defame themselves.” There is only so much Cohen’s victims can chalk up to editing. This seems like the perfect formula. 

As expected, Cohen has already been hit with multiple lawsuits. US Senate candidate Roy Moore is threatening a defamation lawsuit. Daniel Roberts, the founder and president of Youth Shooters of America, has also sued. Cohen was in disguise as his character Morad when he convinced Roberts to bite the strap-on dildo Cohen was wearing as a last-resort defense to being beheaded. 

Did we come to a conclusion about who America is? We are further from the answer than when the series started. However, sometimes all we can do is laugh as Cohen exposes politicians’ hatred of the Middle East and their love of guns. 

All in all, Cohen’s new series is the perfect combination of shocking comedy and effortless revenge. “Very nice!”