‘Far Cry 5’ Is Game of the Year Material



Anthony Baamonde, Staff Writer

“Far Cry 5” came out a few weeks ago for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I got mine on the PS4, which shouldn’t make a difference, but it seems certain versions of the game have weird bugs and glitches, which can be hilarious.

The game centers on a religious cult in Hope County, Montana. The cult is led by Joseph Seed or “The Father.” The Father and his three siblings John, Jacob and Faith take over the Montana town with brainwashed followers. They terrorize the locals and try to convert them to their religion.

You play as the Deputy; he doesn’t have a name, just the Deputy. You join the resistance, liberate cult outposts, and take down the Seed family one at a time. The game does a really good job of letting you travel from region to region. It’s not like Grand Theft Auto where you have to complete certain missions to gain access to different areas.

The graphics are beautiful and look great on a 4K TV. You actually feel like you are in Hope County helping these people. Everything about the visuals and audio is perfect. From the character design to the landscapes, it’s amazing to look at.

As you progress, you can upgrade your weapons and unlock new perks like parachutes and the ability to carry more ammo. You can also hire “Guns For Hire,” which are your sidekicks. You have to save each Gun For Hire from different cult outposts. In each region, you are given Resistant Points. Essentially, you have to fill up the Resistant Point meter in order to take on the character in that region. These points can be gained by liberating and doing more missions in the regions.

I love playing this game that I’ve spent hours just driving around, eliminating cult members, and leveling up. For me, nothing is better than sniping someone with my bow and arrow or planting a sticky bomb on an oncoming car. The game makes it so satisfying to take down cult members because you actually start to hate them the more you play.

Now, even with the amazing gameplay and endless hours, there are a few flaws. First, the aiming mechanics. It’s impossible to fire a straight shot without spraying bullets all over the place. Even with auto-aim on, it’s still very difficult. Another flaw is the game lacks creativity. Taking out cult outposts is fun, but I wish there was a variety of ways that I could do it, like chop down a tree and destroy the outpost. Without that creativity, the game feels stale and boring after doing the same style over and over again.

Furthermore, “Far Cry 5” is quickly becoming infamous for glitches. As for the PS4 version, there are a lot of glitches. Some including random planes falling out of the sky and if you blow someone or something up, they literally go flying. But then there are elements of the game that aren’t glitches, just funny moments: bear attacks, people getting hit by cars, you know GTA things, just set in the woods.

“Far Cry 5” is an insanely detailed game with amazing gameplay and a fun storyline. I could only pull two flaws, which means the game is good. I’m not even close to finishing yet. Get Far Cry if you like sandbox games or just want to play a really fun game with a heavy storyline. I would not be surprised if this won Game of the Year.