Oscar-Goers take a Stand Against Politically Outspoken Celebrities at Award Shows



Carmelo Anthony, Hall of Famer

The recent showing of the 90th annual Academy Award Ceremony featured some of the nation’s most influential figures, but they instead focused on the opposite, shying away from anything political.

Many know of the importance and stature that comes with the Oscar ceremony, but no one goes to watch it more than they do for the political insight this established group of millionaires has for the stupidly pathetic and poor audience watching from home. This year, however, there has been a 180 degree turnaround. This year, actors, directors– and heck– even the sound engineers were taking a stand against what they typically saw from award winners.

Right out of the gates, host Jimmy Kimmel (a notorious politically outspoken celebrity) warned all Oscar-goers that anyone willing to make a reference to anything that wasn’t the art medium of film would be permanently banned from Hollywood forever. Shockingly, that’s exactly how it works apparently. Kimmel himself was seen struggling halfway through the show where he reportedly had to muffle his screams into his Donald-Trump-head-on-a-donkey plushie in his own pool of sweat backstage.

Another oddity in the stand against politically outspoken celebrities was the overall length of the show. Now that award speeches were lacking in political and social messages, they only consisted of the pointless stuff like thanking the award winners’ families and inspirations. Because of this, the award show ended two hours under schedule, a change advertisers and viewers with nothing better to do were rendered furious.

One of the night’s biggest winners was Gary Oldman winning the “Best Actor” award for his role as Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour.” Oldman has had a voluptuous acting career that was finally topped off with the award all actors wish to someday thrust onto their mantle, but awkwardly enough, he did not have nearly as triumphant of an award speech.

In fact, because he played a literal political character, he was completely unable to reference the film at all. With the fear of getting banned from Hollywood and Kimmel almost bursting a vein on his forehead waiting for Oldman to slip, Oldman ended up just standing on stage in silence for three minutes. Unfortunately for him, a stand in silence is considered a social stand, so Kimmel finally broke out into maniacal laughter as he ordered his goons to extract Oldman out of the award show. As a result, he is now banned from all of Hollywood forever. It’s been a good run, Oldman.

This year’s award show was different, and a poll conducted by Food Network (they’re really expanding their range these days) told us that approximately 100 percent of all viewers didn’t even care by the following week anyway. Hopefully, this is a change that might continue onto the next ceremony too. For the most part, the energy around the community seemed more positive, except at the end. Everyone at the ceremony reached under their seats to grab a crate of tomatoes that they proceeded to hurl them at Meryl Streep. That might have been overkill.