Lebron James Will Take it All


To be determined, ?

Notre Dame has locked their spot in the NCAA Tournament Final where they will play against William Paterson University for the title. LeBron James is leading Notre Dame and is one of the best college basketball players out there. He can jump really high, has great biceps, splash threes like he is in a swimming pool, and blowouts teams like it’s nobody’s business.

He played in high school at St. Mary’s in Ohio. After his senior year, he announced he would begin to play for Notre Dame and, so far in his freshmen year, has led them to the NCAA final.

Throughout this season, James has been able to lead his team to victory. Notre Dame has a perfect 38-0 record this season. He has been doing it all for Notre Dame. During one game, LeBron actually got off the court and began to play FortNite on the bench because they were blowing out the other team so bad. Also, during a game against Syracuse, he broke his leg but continued to play. His highest scoring game was against Villanova where he scored an NCAA record of 89 points.

“He’s the most valuable player on the team, without him we would be nothing, we pay him like a gazillion dollars per game cause he’s a monster on the court,” said Mike Brey coach of Notre Dame basketball. “Forget all the other players! LeBron is really the only guy we need. The rest of our guys are pretty garbage.”

James averages 65 points, 15 assists, and 20 rebounds per game. On Saturday, Notre Dame crushed Duke 100 to 10 to pave their way to the final. High profile NBA players, such as Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Brian Scalabrine, hope that once he declares for the draft he’ll be selected by their respective teams.

NBA Sports Analyst Nicolas Zuniga views LeBron’s dominance of college basketball as “He’s always the best player on and off the court. His skills and knowledge of basketball exceeds all of those who came before him. He will reinvent the way basketball is played and I see him becoming the face of basketball in 5 years time.”