Drake Retracts Controversial Song Lyrics



Russel Westbrook, Most Efficient

In a movement of cultural sensitivity, international superstar Drake is the most recent to come out to the public to rescind song lyrics he regretfully released.

Unlike most contemporary musical icons, Drake has been shy in the eye of controversy throughout his career, but much like his peers, that road eventually comes to an ugly end. Earlier this year, the rapper surprised fans with the sudden release of his latest single “God’s Plan.” The track caught listeners by storm.

The song checked off every mark you’d expect in a chart-topping single by Drake: rhythmic instrumental, a hypnotically repetitive hook, a dancing NFL wide receiver in the video, and most importantly, quotable lyrics. How quotable were the lyrics, one may ask? Well after a brief scan, there was a whopping total of 1.2 million Instagram posts from depressingly lonely frat boys and single sorority girls alike in the first eight hours of the song’s release, but no one line was as quoted as the one he publicly retracted.

Drake recites: “She said, ‘Do you love me?’ I told her only ‘partly,’ I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry.”

Now at first glance, this was a line that fans loved because, much like them, it’s edgy. It throws all caution to the wind by ignoring the virtuous act of sharing the magical passion of love with someone. Most of all, he loves sleeping, and there’s no better way to relate to the youth by praising sleep. When breaking this line down, however, fans were eventually disgusted by this line. But why? In the short list of things Drake mentions he loves, he forgets to mention his dog.

Drake is the longtime owner of a Maltese Pomeranian dog named Pogo, which he’s owned for almost 11 years now. 11 years is a long time for someone to own a dog without expressing love for it. Even worse, 11 years ago Drake wasn’t even that famous, which means this dog stuck by his side when he was just child actor Aubrey Graham, not rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Drake is abandoning his dog that stuck by his side when he was only moderately rich, and on his biggest stage to praise the loyalty of Pogo, he shoots to focus on something of much lesser importance: his mother.

After weeks of protesting, violent riots, the death of disco, and the collapse of three major American cities, Drake finally emerged from the shadows to speak about his crime on humanity.

“I can’t express how sorry I am to everyone, but most importantly Pogo, for how sorry I am about what I’ve done,” Drake said. “I haven’t talked to anyone in days, I can’t eat. As much as I love my bed, I can’t sleep, and Pogo hasn’t wanted to play fetch with me for weeks. I want to forget this ever happened, but I know I can’t.”

Drake claims he’s rewriting the song for the public, but after breaking the Spotify record for streams in a single day, and already clocking in over 450 million views on YouTube, it would be hard to forget one of the darkest moments in the music industry in recent history.